Last Week’s Run Summary, Marathon Training, and Baked Falafel

I know I'm late with this, and have also been M.I.A. lately. I'm sorry. My office has been without internet off and on for the past week or so, and it's been a total nightmare. So when I get home it takes me several hours to catch up on everything I missed during the day, … Continue reading Last Week’s Run Summary, Marathon Training, and Baked Falafel

13.1 Miles to Go…

To reach my 100 mile running goal for the month, and with only 2 days left - EEK!  I wish I would have realized this before only running 1 mile today, Lol! Looks like I'll be doing my long run on Saturday instead of Sunday this week ;) As long as I get my 3 … Continue reading 13.1 Miles to Go…

Checking In!

Oh I almost forgot I have a blog here, sorry ;) Of course I'm still running! I'm currently on Day 19 of the Runner's World Run Streak (#rwrunstreak). It started on Thanksgiving and goes through New Years Day. I'm also redoing the 10k trainer (by Zen Labs) to work on speed, and it's been helping! … Continue reading Checking In!

Last Week’s Training and a Meatless Monday Recipe

Almost 40 miles last week: Monday 9/15: 3.5 miles easy/recovery + 1.85 walked w/Lucy Tuesday 9/16: 1.7 walked w/Lucy (rest day) Wednesday 9/17: 4 mile tempo run + 1.7 walked w/Lucy Thursday 9/18: 30 minutes slow/easy (2.62 miles) +1.6 walked w/Lucy Friday 9/19: 40 min steady run (4.13 miles) + 1.5 walked w/Lucy Saturday 9/20: … Continue reading Last Week’s Training and a Meatless Monday Recipe

3- week unexpected hiatus, sorry!

Yeah yeah, I'm a terrible blogger, but this time I have a legitimate excuse ;)  I was completely derailed with a 3-week bout of walking pneumonia AND an upper respiratory infection. I'm still not back to 100% but today was the first time I woke up almost un-congested! So of course I had to take … Continue reading 3- week unexpected hiatus, sorry!

Weekly Wrap-up

Wow, it's brutally hot outside today! TGFT! That would be "Thank Goodness for Treadmills!" My treadmill room has been a complete wreck for the last several months, but I spent most of yesterday getting it all cleaned out and rearranged. This morning I fixed the computer and got it running again, and then moved the … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-up

Week Two, Day Three

Today was pretty much uneventful (as usual, hehe) so I really have nothing but my little summary. I am going to post a couple recipes tomorrow, so stay tuned! Breakfast: 4 cups coffee with Cafe Mocha. Cream of Wheat Pre-workout snack: handful of Red Hot Blues (tortilla chips) Late lunch: Vegetarian refried beans with salsa, … Continue reading Week Two, Day Three