Half to Full Marathon Training Week ???

I’ve completely lost track of where I am with marathon training, but I’m still going – just over 34 miles this week (about 24 miles ran):

9-8 to 9-14-14

Although today’s long run went pretty well, I still don’t know if I’ll be ready to tackle a full in less than 2 months! I told myself that I’d give it until October (when the long runs are over a half marathon distance) to decide, so I’ll keep building up my mileage and see how it goes. But to be completely honest, it’s not looking very promising at this point. My right calf is still super sore, and while I can still (somewhat easily) hobble through 13 miles like this, I really don’t see trying to do double that on it! Anyways, I’m fine either way- whether I have to take more time to train, or if these next several weeks go as planned and I’m able to do it. I’m just happy that I CAN run :)

One thought on “Half to Full Marathon Training Week ???

  1. Yep, listen to your body! There will be lots of other opportunities to run a marathon! If it were me, I’d feel better about running knowing that my training went well and that I felt prepared. Regardless, you’ve been an amazing mentor, and I hope to one day get to where you’re at – both with pace and mileage! :-)

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