Trails 4 Tails Training (week 1 wrap-up)

Day 1 (Monday 5/22/17): Rest day. I walked 1.75 miles with Lucy. Day 2 (Tuesday 5/23/17): 1:2 speed intervals x10 = 3.1 miles. Nike LunarTempo. Plus 1.75 miles with Lucy. Day 3 (Wednesday 5/24/17): 3 miles easy pace using :90/:30 intervals (31:08). New Balance Vazee Pace v2. Plus 2.3 miles with Lucy. Day 4 (Thursday … Continue reading Trails 4 Tails Training (week 1 wrap-up)

Trails 4 Tails Training

As a bonus for pre-ordering the No Meat Athlete Cookbook, I was sent the Marathon Roadmap, which is an 18-week marathon training plan/schedule. I was looking at the plan this morning, and if I start training this week, race day would fall the weekend of September 23rd. So.... I looked at what races would be … Continue reading Trails 4 Tails Training

New Year, New Training Plan

The Dirty German is on May 13th this year, and while "official" training doesn't begin until January 23rd I'm doing a few weeks of pre-training to start building mileage back up. I kinda fizzled out back in September or October - I think I was burned out and needed a break. To alleviate burn out this … Continue reading New Year, New Training Plan

Training Derailed. What’s next? And Shoes!

My training for the Dirty German Endurance Fest got derailed by my stupid stomach issues. I ended up at the GI and am currently in the midst of several procedures being done to figure out what's going on. Needless to say, I will not be ready to run 50 miles in 3 weeks. I was … Continue reading Training Derailed. What’s next? And Shoes!

13.1, 5, 10k, 10k, 10 miles, and 10k

Whoops, I seemed to have missed the last couple of weekend's long runs. Here's a brief recap: 1/23/16 - I did the Run Free virtual half-marathon in the PureConnect 4s. 1/24 was a 5-mile recovery run, in the Kinvara 5. 1/25 - 1/29/16 I did another virtual challenge - 5 5ks in 5 days. 1/30/16 - … Continue reading 13.1, 5, 10k, 10k, 10 miles, and 10k

7 Miles – Newton Gravity III

As my shoe obsession (and therefore collection) has grown out of control, I've decided that I need to start documenting how my shoe (and other wardrobe) choices for each run go. Especially since I'm now training for a 50-mile race and will be adding more longer runs to my schedule.  I can wear just about … Continue reading 7 Miles – Newton Gravity III

Sloppy Cuckoo 12-hour Challenge – I’m an #UltraMarathoner!

You guys!! I ran over 35 miles yesterday!! My time wasn't what I wanted, but OMG! That was the hardest, most challenging, awesomely awful thing EVER! Those trails were no joke!! I had to climb over fallen trees and huge stumps, run through mud and a creek, climb up and down unimaginable steep hills, and … Continue reading Sloppy Cuckoo 12-hour Challenge – I’m an #UltraMarathoner!