Where Do I Even Begin…

Over the Christmas holidays my husband was diagnosed with cancer - squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil. Before he could begin treatment he had a ruptured brain aneurysm and was airlifted from St. Mary's (our local hospital) to Jefferson Neuroscience Hospital in Philadelphia. He's been there in critical condition in the ICU for 19 days. … Continue reading Where Do I Even Begin…


Current situation: That would be my knee wrapped in 2 different braces. On Monday morning's walk with Lucy, she and I turned one way (squirrel), but my knee went the other. I heard/felt a POP and suddenly I couldn't walk. Usually, I have pretty good ninja-like squirrel-avoidance skills, but we were walking with a couple … Continue reading UGH

Trails 4 Tails Training (week 1 wrap-up)

Day 1 (Monday 5/22/17): Rest day. I walked 1.75 miles with Lucy. Day 2 (Tuesday 5/23/17): 1:2 speed intervals x10 = 3.1 miles. Nike LunarTempo. Plus 1.75 miles with Lucy. Day 3 (Wednesday 5/24/17): 3 miles easy pace using :90/:30 intervals (31:08). New Balance Vazee Pace v2. Plus 2.3 miles with Lucy. Day 4 (Thursday … Continue reading Trails 4 Tails Training (week 1 wrap-up)

Meal Planning Friday

For this week's menu, I'm keeping it very simple. I have all items on hand and will only need to pick up the fresh fruit and produce. Breakfasts: Homemade Granola with fruit and soy milk Lunches: All-American Quinoa Chili with salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips Dinners: Salad, topped with Quinoa Taco Meat, roasted red peppers, … Continue reading Meal Planning Friday

Meatless Monday (the Tuesday edition) – Mexican Crockpot Casserole

Mexican Crockpot Casserole (Please excuse the horrible pictures) Ingredients: 1 cup uncooked brown rice 1 cup vegetable broth 2 cups water 8-oz can tomato sauce 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp coriander (Mexican oregano) 1 Tbsp chili powder 1 Tbsp cumin 1 Tbsp chipotle chili in adobo, diced well 1 tsp … Continue reading Meatless Monday (the Tuesday edition) – Mexican Crockpot Casserole

Menu Planning Monday has Moved to Friday

Because I do my batch cooking over the weekend, I've changed grocery day from Monday to Friday. It's already saved quite a bit of money from wasted produce.  Nothing is worse than grabbing cilantro or scallions for a recipe, only to discover they've gone bad :( Here's what I've got planned for the next several … Continue reading Menu Planning Monday has Moved to Friday