Menu Planning Monday has Moved to Friday

Because I do my batch cooking over the weekend, I’ve changed grocery day from Monday to Friday. It’s already saved quite a bit of money from wasted produce.  Nothing is worse than grabbing cilantro or scallions for a recipe, only to discover they’ve gone bad :(

Here’s what I’ve got planned for the next several meals:


I haven’t made the Spicy Vegan Sloppy Joe filling in quite a while, but it’ll be going in the crockpot first thing on Saturday morning!

Only recently did I start making the Thai Tahini Sesame noodles, and they have already become a regular occurrence. I use tahini instead of peanut butter and use extra garlic and hot sauce. I also bulk them up by adding lots of sauteed veggies – usually Brussels sprouts and button mushrooms. Yum!!


I make the Quinoa Taco Meat several times per month. I eat it over salad, brown rice, in tacos/burritos, and use it in other recipes. It’s a great alternative to the many-ingredient ground beef substitutes (i.e., Boca crumbles), although I do still use those sometimes as well.

I haven’t made the 30-minute 1-pot Mexican Chili yet, but Brandi’s recipes never disappoint! I highly recommend the Rice and Black Bean bowl with Chili Mustard sauce, and the Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Mexican Tahini sauce!

Bon Appetite!

8 thoughts on “Menu Planning Monday has Moved to Friday

  1. Thai tahini sesame noodles…..yum!! I should try that out. I often make noodles with peanut butter, hot sauce (ghost pepper), soy sauce and lots of veggies.

  2. I’m not a super fan of quinoa, but I’m also not a super fan of the fake meats, either. I’ll bet it’s good disguised in taco seasoning, though! But of course I’d want cheese (and not a super fan of fake cheeses, either).

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