Trails 4 Tails Training (week 1 wrap-up)

Day 1 (Monday 5/22/17): Rest day. I walked 1.75 miles with Lucy.


Day 2 (Tuesday 5/23/17): 1:2 speed intervals x10 = 3.1 miles. Nike LunarTempo. Plus 1.75 miles with Lucy.


Day 3 (Wednesday 5/24/17): 3 miles easy pace using :90/:30 intervals (31:08). New Balance Vazee Pace v2. Plus 2.3 miles with Lucy.


Day 4 (Thursday 5/25/17): 30-minutes PiYo. Plus 2.3 miles with Lucy.

Day 5 (Friday 5/26/17): 25-minute tempo run = 2.6 miles. New Balance Vazee Pace v2. Plus 2.3 miles with Lucy.

Day 6 (Saturday 5/27/17): 8-mile LSR (1:28:13). :30/:30 intervals. Brooks Ghost 6. Plus 3.7 miles with Lucy.

Note: I really need to focus on slowing down, but I don’t want to have to stare at my Garmin. My goal pace for long, slow runs is between 12-13 minute miles, but my slowest mile on this run was 11:17. Not a big deal when long runs aren’t really “long” but this is why I crash and burn around 20 miles. Also, time to retire the Ghost 6.

Day 7 (Sunday 5/28/17):  6-mile recovery run (1:07:57). :30/:30 intervals. New Balance Zante v2. Plus 3.1 miles (so far) with Lucy.

7 thoughts on “Trails 4 Tails Training (week 1 wrap-up)

  1. Its good to know your reason to crash and burn! Gosh, i wish i had the trouble of being too fast. :)

  2. I was kind of wondering how you could still be running in 6s!

    Yeah, I’d consider 11 mm fast, too. I could definitely pace you to slow down! I was “pushing” myself for my long run — 12:30 mm.

  3. Yes, slowing down for your longer runs would be good. Maybe taking longer walk breaks rather than slowing the running down if that’s easier for you to do.

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