13.1, 5, 10k, 10k, 10 miles, and 10k

Whoops, I seemed to have missed the last couple of weekend’s long runs. Here’s a brief recap:

1/23/16 – I did the Run Free virtual half-marathon in the PureConnect 4s.

2016-01-23 18.01.35

1/24 was a 5-mile recovery run, in the Kinvara 5.

1/25 – 1/29/16 I did another virtual challenge – 5 5ks in 5 days.

1/30/16 – 10k in Kinvara 5

2016-01-30 15.25.31

1/31/16 – 10k in Newton Distance IV

2/6/16 – 10 miles in PureFlow 1

2016-02-06 18.04.27

2/7/16 – 10k in Newton Fate

I haven’t had any foot or shoe issues lately!

And in other news, I’ve been selected as an Ambassador Captain for SkirtSports! I’ll be doing a separate post on that soon (with a nice little discount code), so stay tuned :)


8 thoughts on “13.1, 5, 10k, 10k, 10 miles, and 10k

  1. I love how you include Lucy in your running posts. She always has this look on her face like, “Mom, why you always running?” Lol

    Congrats on being an Ambassador! I can’t wait to hear the details, as I have no idea what it is! It sounds important, though! :-)

  2. Congrats on also being an ambassador (I’m a captain, too, which really surprised me as I live so close to Darlene, who is also a captain).

    No foot issues is great! Do you think it’s because it’s colder?

    1. Thanks and congrats to you too!! Any idea what the difference is between ambassador and captain? Is it location? I couldn’t find anything.
      Not sure about the feet/shoes – I haven’t been running outside so the temperature doesn’t matter to me ;)

      1. It’s still dryer inside during the winter, too.

        I think regular ambassadors don’t have the requirements to post as much to social media, but I don’t really know.

        It took so long to hear I was pretty much figuring I just didn’t make the cut!

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