8 Miles – NB Vazee Pace

Well again, I didn’t make it 12 miles BUT my blistered toe was fine with just a band-aid over it. The only problem I had today was that I pooped out too early. This happens when I don’t slow down enough for my longer runs.  8 miles isn’t really a “long” run for me, but because I slacked off in November and December I almost feel like I’m starting over again.

8miles 1-17-16

I tested intervals again today. I alternated miles doing 2:00/:30 and 1:00/:30. The first few miles ended up being an overall 9:40 per mile pace, so I played around with speeds for a while and got down to a 10:20 pace, but that was still too fast and after 6 miles I was already wiped out. My half marathon “race pace” is between 9:40 – 10 minute miles, so I should have been averaging around an 11:30 minute mile pace. Ah well, the virtual half is next weekend and after that I can concentrate more on the long, slow runs.

Today I wore my (2nd pair of) New Balance Vazee Pace. I think I’ve only worn these once so far because they gave me a little bit of arch pain. Today they were great, and have currently moved into the #2 spot of my current rotation (#1 is the Newton Distance IV). I wore a thicker pair of Injini (trail) socks and, as I mentioned above, had no problems with rubbing or messing with that blood blister.

2016-01-17 13.44.44

The rest of my “wardrobe” was another Skirtsports skirt, a Fabletics sports bra (I can’t link to it because they don’t have it anymore), and a tank that I ended up peeling off about halfway through.

On today’s menu is leftover Broccoli and Brown Rice casserole (I haven’t eaten anything yet other than a Gu) and then later some pineapple overnight oats with walnuts and (non-dairy) chocolate chips.

Today’s weight: 117.2

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