10k for Autism

After a failed attempt at this yesterday (I only made it 3.3 miles before having to charge back home. I’ll spare the details…), I managed to complete the 10k for Autism (virtual race) today. I opted for the treadmill so that I’d be closer to the bathroom, if needed ;) But all went well, and I had a pretty good run! I did mostly 2:30/:30 intervals, and was able to really kick it into high gear the last mile and a half. I finished in 1:02:50 for an overall pace of just over 10-minute miles.

2016-04-24 15.16.43

WHO wants to run for autism? Virtual 10k race. 1:02:50 NBZ2(3).

2016-04-24 16.05.34

I’ll most likely take a rest day tomorrow, and figure out what’s next from here. Stay tuned!


13.1, 5, 10k, 10k, 10 miles, and 10k

Whoops, I seemed to have missed the last couple of weekend’s long runs. Here’s a brief recap:

1/23/16 – I did the Run Free virtual half-marathon in the PureConnect 4s.

2016-01-23 18.01.35

1/24 was a 5-mile recovery run, in the Kinvara 5.

1/25 – 1/29/16 I did another virtual challenge – 5 5ks in 5 days.

1/30/16 – 10k in Kinvara 5

2016-01-30 15.25.31

1/31/16 – 10k in Newton Distance IV

2/6/16 – 10 miles in PureFlow 1

2016-02-06 18.04.27

2/7/16 – 10k in Newton Fate

I haven’t had any foot or shoe issues lately!

And in other news, I’ve been selected as an Ambassador Captain for SkirtSports! I’ll be doing a separate post on that soon (with a nice little discount code), so stay tuned :)

Virtual Racing Weekend

I ran 2 virtual races for Halloween this weekend. The Zombie 5k (Wellbeing Virtual Marathons) on Friday, and the 2014 Halloween 10k (US Road Running) today. I managed to stay under a 10mm pace for both! Woohoo!

Zombie 5k


2014 Halloween 10k

I’m also happy to report that I started November back under 120! 119.8 to be exact :)  I will continue to log all my food, but I don’t want to bore you with the pics of daily food logs. Unless you want to see them? If so, just let me know.  Otherwise, I think I’ll just do weekly summaries with weight updates.

Have a great week!

2014 Virtual Race for the Animals (Half Marathon #10)

Yesterday I ran my 10th half marathon! This was the 2014 Virtual Race for the Animals, put on by #vegrunchat. All proceeds are being donated to SASHA Farm–  a farm animal sanctuary that offers a safe haven to animals in need of affection, social interaction, food, shelter, and lots of love! While I actually won my entry, I’ll still be making a donation to SASHA Farm :)

My friend Tammy also ran the half marathon and for the 3rd race in a row, she set a new PR! Go Tammy!!

I was about 5 minutes short of a PR, finishing at 2:12:02. I had a sub-30 5k and sub-60 10k, so I was hoping to finish at right around 2 hours. But at about 9 miles I started to struggle. My stomach started to cramp, and whenever I tried speeding up it got worse. I made it to almost 12 miles before I knew I was gonna have to use the bathroom in order to finish. So after, ahem… “taking care of business” I figured I’d breeze right through that last mile. Wrong. It was all I could do to get going again. I ended up doing 1:1 intervals that last mile and at that point I didn’t care how long it took – I would crawl to make it the full 13.1 miles!  Overall though, I did pretty well, averaging a 10:05 mm.

2014 Virtual Race for the Animals

2014 Virtual Race for the Animals

So, what to do now? I have decided that I’m NOT ready for the full marathon yet. And honestly, I don’t know if I ever will be. That doesn’t mean that I’ll stop training/trying. I’m just being realistic with myself. Maybe if I had someone to physically run with. It’s great to have virtual running buddies, but I think I need the actual physical interaction to get me through double the distance. Does that make sense? Maybe it’s just my sore feet talking ;)

I think my next set of goals will remain focused on the half marathon. And so, in no particular order:

  1. Sub 2-hour finish. To work on this, I will be going back to the beginning with the Couch to 5k program, focusing on pace/speed.
  2. Become a Half Fanatic. The “easiest” way is to start with Neptune, which is completing 2 halfs in a 16-day time frame, or 3 halfs in 90 days.
  3. Run more races. Virtually or Physically, the best way to get myself motivated is by training for a race!

Have a great week :)

Marathon Training Begins (again)

I’m supposed to be running the Philadelphia marathon next weekend. Supposed to means I’m registered. I’ve been registered since the day registration opened because that was my goal for this year – to complete a full marathon. Training went really well up until 6 weeks ago. I barely made it through my 16 mile long run before I completely psyched myself out. After battling a sinus infection for about 4 months I came to the decision that I just wasn’t ready to do this.

That’s not completely true though. I’ve ran through sickness, fevers, lost toenails, pain, etc… You get the picture, right? The problem is anxiety. The thought of being around THAT many people just terrifies me. So much so that I decided to stop training and not run the marathon.

So that’s that, right? WRONG! I still want to run a marathon. I just don’t want to deal with all the anxiety of running a “popular” marathon with tens of thousands of people. So I’m not going to. I’m restarting my training tomorrow and I will run a marathon on March 1st, 2014. There will be no medal (well maybe a medal if I sign up for a “Virtual” race), no t-shirt, no swag. Just me and the road. And the feeling of accomplishment from doing it. And that’s really all that matters anyways.

I created this blog to keep track of my training and all it entails, in one place. And if anyone wants to follow along, that’d be great too :)