Marathon Training Begins (again)

I’m supposed to be running the Philadelphia marathon next weekend. Supposed to means I’m registered. I’ve been registered since the day registration opened because that was my goal for this year – to complete a full marathon. Training went really well up until 6 weeks ago. I barely made it through my 16 mile long run before I completely psyched myself out. After battling a sinus infection for about 4 months I came to the decision that I just wasn’t ready to do this.

That’s not completely true though. I’ve ran through sickness, fevers, lost toenails, pain, etc… You get the picture, right? The problem is anxiety. The thought of being around THAT many people just terrifies me. So much so that I decided to stop training and not run the marathon.

So that’s that, right? WRONG! I still want to run a marathon. I just don’t want to deal with all the anxiety of running a “popular” marathon with tens of thousands of people. So I’m not going to. I’m restarting my training tomorrow and I will run a marathon on March 1st, 2014. There will be no medal (well maybe a medal if I sign up for a “Virtual” race), no t-shirt, no swag. Just me and the road. And the feeling of accomplishment from doing it. And that’s really all that matters anyways.

I created this blog to keep track of my training and all it entails, in one place. And if anyone wants to follow along, that’d be great too :)

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Begins (again)

  1. Great goal and you know what all that matters is you are sticking by what you truly want for yourself and that is to complete the 26.2 distance. Training is a lot of pressure so much that it in itself can make a person sick to death. I ran Philly half last year and its HUGE and ran MCM a few weeks ago. I battled a lot in my MCM 26.2 and looking back wish I had planned a smaller race for my goal. I’ll virtually be cheering for you come march 1st!

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