I Ran a Marathon Today!

And it was only by accident! What was supposed to be a 24-mile long run turned into a marathon after I misjudged my distance back home ;)

2015-09-05 12.07.51

Here’s a brief recap:

I woke up at 5:45am (no, really!!!) and had (only) 1 cup of coffee and a vitamin. Got dressed. Took a Pocketfuel Chocolate Espresso Almond Butter “gel” and had about 10 ounces of water and another 1/2 cup of coffee. Out the door at 6:30am. Temps were good – about 79 degrees with a light wind.

My stomach was kinda iffy so I looped around my subdivision for the first 10 miles. I had to stop back home twice (TMI). Had another 10 ounces of water. I felt okay after that, so I headed out of the subdivision and onto my other usual route.

I took a Gu Espresso gel at 20 miles and did a mental check-up: feet good (shoes: New Balance Vazee Pace, socks: Thorlo Experia), stomach okay, intervals (:20/:30) going good, mouth: meh.

At 22 miles I was starting to get hot, and all of a sudden dying of thirst. Luckily I came across some guy watering his lawn, so I “borrowed” his hose to wet myself down and take a few drinks. And remove all the salt from my face!

Since I just had a couple miles to go (I was only planning on 24) I changed my route around a little bit, but I still misjudged the distance back home. When I realized I would be at 25 miles by the time I got back to my subdivision was when I decided to just go for it and run a marathon!

2015-09-05 11.42.41

I ended up running 26.3 miles in 5:19:44. A little bit slower than my marathon goal, but considering this was just a training run I’m overall satisfied. And using the :20/:30 intervals really helped with endurance!

So yeah, that’s about it.


Weight: 116.2 pre-run and 109.8 post-run

While I’m really not hungry, I am craving some spicy pickle chips and a Starbucks Iced Mocha Soy Latte.





May Summary and June Goals

Hey look! It’s the worst blogger in the whole world! ;)

First off, Happy National Running Day!


I had a good month! I’ve been back under 120 consistently since May 18th, and I ran/walked every day for a total of well over 100 miles! Yippee! I’ve also began marathon training (again) and am seriously considering the Bucks County Marathon in November. They have a field limit of 500 runners, so my crowd-anxiety shouldn’t cause me to bail out at the last minute like I did with the Philly Marathon last year. I’m still torn between 2 or 3 training programs because 1) I don’t think a 20-mile long run is far enough, and 2) I don’t have enough time for an 8 or 9 mile run during the week. So I’m strongly leaning towards the Jeff Galloway plan, but adding in more runs during the week (speed-work, hills, etc..).

I started this last week and here’s what I did:

  • Monday (5/26): 3.38 miles easy doing 2:1 intervals and 4 mile walk w/Lucy
  • Tuesday (5/27): 3.38 miles easy pace run
  • Wednesday (5/28): Cross training- 20 minutes Arc Trainer + 1 mile speed walk, and 1 mile walk w/Lucy
  • Thursday (5/29): 3.3 miles steady pace run and 1 mile walk w/Lucy
  • Friday (5/30): 1 mile slow run, 1 mile uphill walk and 1 mile walk w/Lucy
  • Saturday (5/31): Rest Day but did walk 4.5 miles w/Lucy
  • Sunday (6/1): 6.34 mile long slow run and 3 miles w/Lucy

So my goals for June are to stay under 120, really try to blog more (really!), run at least 100 miles, run a half marathon on my birthday (June 22nd), and keep a more consistent food/fitness diary.

What do you use to track your food/fitness? I’m always on the lookout for something new!

Gotta Run!

April Summary and May Goals

So I didn’t quite make 100 miles, but I did come close (93.11 miles)! I ran at least 4 days/week. And I did dip back under 120 but unfortunately it didn’t last. I did end up with a .4 pound loss though! ;)

2014-04-30 17.00.54



All in all, it was a good month. I tracked my food more than I had been, but still not daily, and not “every” single bite. So that’s my number 1 goal for May. I’m going back to logging everything at SparkPeople and at Weight Watchers. That’s what got me to goal weight in the first place, so that’s what I always revert back to. I’m also concentrating more on my food choices. I’ve eliminated the little bit of dairy I had been consuming, and the only thing keeping me from being 100% vegan is my coffee creamer. It is non-dairy, but contains casein. I’ve tried all the options, but nothing compares to my beloved Cafe Mocha. I will continue to work on that. Progress, not perfection!

I also want to add in some longer runs. At least a 10-miler, and hopefully a half marathon.  I’m thinking about signing up for the Bucks County Marathon on November 16th. It’s a smaller race that won’t have thousands of people, and it runs alongside the Delaware canal. My only issue is my tummy. I never know when my IBS is going to flare up, and that terrifies me! Sometimes I can’t even make it more than a mile around my neighborhood before “that feeling” overwhelms me :(  Anyways, I’m going to decide by the 16th of this month, as that will give me 6 months to train. There’s also a half marathon there the day before, so that’s an option too.

And now I’m heading back out with Lucy for another walk. It’s a beautiful day, and I can get more mileage in for the #MayMiles challenge at SparkPeople :)

2014-05-03 10.36.12



Have a great weekend!

Marathon Training Begins (again)

I’m supposed to be running the Philadelphia marathon next weekend. Supposed to means I’m registered. I’ve been registered since the day registration opened because that was my goal for this year – to complete a full marathon. Training went really well up until 6 weeks ago. I barely made it through my 16 mile long run before I completely psyched myself out. After battling a sinus infection for about 4 months I came to the decision that I just wasn’t ready to do this.

That’s not completely true though. I’ve ran through sickness, fevers, lost toenails, pain, etc… You get the picture, right? The problem is anxiety. The thought of being around THAT many people just terrifies me. So much so that I decided to stop training and not run the marathon.

So that’s that, right? WRONG! I still want to run a marathon. I just don’t want to deal with all the anxiety of running a “popular” marathon with tens of thousands of people. So I’m not going to. I’m restarting my training tomorrow and I will run a marathon on March 1st, 2014. There will be no medal (well maybe a medal if I sign up for a “Virtual” race), no t-shirt, no swag. Just me and the road. And the feeling of accomplishment from doing it. And that’s really all that matters anyways.

I created this blog to keep track of my training and all it entails, in one place. And if anyone wants to follow along, that’d be great too :)