May Summary and June Goals

Hey look! It’s the worst blogger in the whole world! ;)

First off, Happy National Running Day!


I had a good month! I’ve been back under 120 consistently since May 18th, and I ran/walked every day for a total of well over 100 miles! Yippee! I’ve also began marathon training (again) and am seriously considering the Bucks County Marathon in November. They have a field limit of 500 runners, so my crowd-anxiety shouldn’t cause me to bail out at the last minute like I did with the Philly Marathon last year. I’m still torn between 2 or 3 training programs because 1) I don’t think a 20-mile long run is far enough, and 2) I don’t have enough time for an 8 or 9 mile run during the week. So I’m strongly leaning towards the Jeff Galloway plan, but adding in more runs during the week (speed-work, hills, etc..).

I started this last week and here’s what I did:

  • Monday (5/26): 3.38 miles easy doing 2:1 intervals and 4 mile walk w/Lucy
  • Tuesday (5/27): 3.38 miles easy pace run
  • Wednesday (5/28): Cross training- 20 minutes Arc Trainer + 1 mile speed walk, and 1 mile walk w/Lucy
  • Thursday (5/29): 3.3 miles steady pace run and 1 mile walk w/Lucy
  • Friday (5/30): 1 mile slow run, 1 mile uphill walk and 1 mile walk w/Lucy
  • Saturday (5/31): Rest Day but did walk 4.5 miles w/Lucy
  • Sunday (6/1): 6.34 mile long slow run and 3 miles w/Lucy

So my goals for June are to stay under 120, really try to blog more (really!), run at least 100 miles, run a half marathon on my birthday (June 22nd), and keep a more consistent food/fitness diary.

What do you use to track your food/fitness? I’m always on the lookout for something new!

Gotta Run!

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