10k for Autism

After a failed attempt at this yesterday (I only made it 3.3 miles before having to charge back home. I’ll spare the details…), I managed to complete the 10k for Autism (virtual race) today. I opted for the treadmill so that I’d be closer to the bathroom, if needed ;) But all went well, and I had a pretty good run! I did mostly 2:30/:30 intervals, and was able to really kick it into high gear the last mile and a half. I finished in 1:02:50 for an overall pace of just over 10-minute miles.

2016-04-24 15.16.43

WHO wants to run for autism? Virtual 10k race. 1:02:50 NBZ2(3).

2016-04-24 16.05.34

I’ll most likely take a rest day tomorrow, and figure out what’s next from here. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “10k for Autism

  1. I share your issues and treadmill running is best for me right now with stomach issues. It’s miserable to be 5 miles from home and stomach issues come on! I love following your blog and on facebook. :-)

    • Thanks Charlotte! I’m hoping that after this other procedure I’m having next week, some of these problems will go away. While I love my treadmill, I do like to get outside every now and again – Lol!

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