New Year, New Training Plan

The Dirty German is on May 13th this year, and while “official” training doesn’t begin until January 23rd I’m doing a few weeks of pre-training to start building mileage back up. I kinda fizzled out back in September or October – I think I was burned out and needed a break.

To alleviate burn out this go-around, I came up with an easier training plan that focuses mainly on the weekly long run. I’m cutting back from 5 or 6 to 4 running days per week, and only dedicating one of the runs per week to either hills or speed work. The rest will all be easy runs, without any “required” amount of mileage.

Here’s what I’ve come up:


I haven’t decided yet whether I’m doing 50k or 50 miles. I’m going to wait until April 1st to see how training is going before making a final decision, but I am going to register for the 50 mile option :)

I’d love for you to follow along with my training. Posting updates will keep me accountable, and get me back in touch with my running buddies out there. Not to mention (ha!), it gives me a chance to reignite my shoe obsession ;)

Xxxs and Oods, Laura

11 thoughts on “New Year, New Training Plan

    • 3-4 is still a lot, considering that you do other workouts as well! I’m hoping that by cutting back a couple days will stop the burnout from happening. And then maybe I can add in something different (strength training maybe)…

      • I usually take a week off running completely after a half — and usually do an off season during the winter too (this winter is the exception) — but I think everyone can get burn out when they’re training for a goal race.

        Doing the other stuff means at least I’m active when I’m not running.

        And of course, there’s always Lucy to keep you busy. :)

  1. 50 miles jeez!!!!! I am aiming to run my first marathon this year (the furthest I have ever ran is 13.1) I keep looking at the 20mile on my training plan with absolute fear!!! I’ll be following you and cheering you on!!

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