Marathon Training resumes!

When I pulled out my calendar this morning I have to admit that I freaked out a little bit, and my first thought was that there’s no way I’ll be ready to run this marathon since it’s in ONLY 11 WEEKS! Eek! Then I took a deep breath and decided that I CAN do this! I went to Smart Coach at Runner’s World and plugged in the dates, modified my finish time “goal” to at/under 5 hours (I originally was going to shoot for 4 hours, but let’s just be for real about this, right?!) – my only REAL goal at this point is just to finish, and in one piece! It has most of my easy and long runs at right around a 12-minute mile with tempo runs and speed-work between 9:30 and 10-minute miles. This is totally doable! I usually do my easy/long runs around 10:30 minute miles, and my speed-work/tempo at 9 minute miles. So really, the hardest part is going to be slowing down! Here’s a glance at how it looks:

If all goes well through the month of September I’m going to officially register on October 1st! This brings me to September goals.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 50 – 60 ounces of water daily.
  2. Nutrition: I already eat 99% vegan/plant-based/healthy, so I’m just going to focus on eliminating that last 1% (dairy), especially since I think that’s the main culprit of my tummy issues.
  3. Daily tracking/journaling (food, fitness, weight, mood, etc…)
  4. Quit smoking. I don’t think I’ve ever ‘fessed up about this here, but I do smoke. About half a pack per day. Luckily it hasn’t affected my running, but this needs to stop.

I think that’s about it. I was going to post a short review on Runmeter, but I think I need a few more runs with it to figure out all the “bells and whistles.” The most amazing thing about it though – I absolutely LOVE that it automatically syncs to my icloud calendar!

One thought on “Marathon Training resumes!

  1. You got this! I’m not where I want to be yet to run a full marathon, but I would definitely like to run another half before winter gets here! Now that I know I can finish, I want to work on doing better, both with speed and endurance!

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