3- week unexpected hiatus, sorry!

Yeah yeah, I’m a terrible blogger, but this time I have a legitimate excuse ;)  I was completely derailed with a 3-week bout of walking pneumonia AND an upper respiratory infection. I’m still not back to 100% but today was the first time I woke up almost un-congested! So of course I had to take advantage of that and go for a short run.

RM Summary 8-31-14

Post-run: Lucy making sure I’m not dead :)


I totally bonked on the last few weeks of half-marathon training, but that didn’t stop my virtual running buddy, Tammy, who RAN HER 1ST HALF MARATHON TODAY!! Woohoo! I am so proud of you Tammy!!

So I wasn’t sure how much not running for almost 3 weeks had affected my running, but I had a really good (albeit short and disgustingly hot) run today! I was going to do 30:30 intervals after reading an article on Runner’s World this morning about returning to running after a brief hiatus, but then decided to go with 1:30 intervals instead. I made it through fine (2.04 miles in 20:20), but I do think I’m going to try the 30:30s tomorrow. And I am going to continue right along with marathon training. I’m still shooting for the Bucks County Marathon in November!

I’ll be back tomorrow with September goals and my updated marathon training plan. And maybe a quick review on the new app I’m using, Runmeter.

Oh, one other thing! I changed my Twitter name to @RunHappyVegan and also bought the domain runhappyvegan.com, which forwards here until I decide if I want to do something else with it. Go ahead, try it :)

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