Marathon Training – Week 9 Recap

Here's how this last week looked: I'm still extremely dissatisfied with how my 16-miler went. Yes, I got it done and Woohoo to that, but seriously, it SUCKED. I hate to dwell on things but I can't seem to help myself. I think it's because this is the point where I quit last time around. … Continue reading Marathon Training – Week 9 Recap

Marathon Training – Week 8 Recap

Today begins week 9 of marathon training and that means I'm halfway through training! This coming weekend will be a 16-mile long run, which is where my training stopped on the last go-around and I quit. Not this time! I've got the shoe situation all settled, I've found the best fueling gel, I've got a … Continue reading Marathon Training – Week 8 Recap

Marathon Training – Week 7 Summary

Happy Meatless Monday! I don't have a new recipe this week because I'm still eating my delicious leftovers from last week. As long as I have quinoa/rice, beans, salsa, and guacamole I don't need much else :) I had a great week of training! Not only did I complete all workouts (including the 14 mile … Continue reading Marathon Training – Week 7 Summary

This Week’s Food and Fitness

I've been eating the same thing all week for all 3 meals. Boring? Nope, delicious! Have a look: The recipe for the Taco Bake is HERE, and the BB (Black bean) Sriracha sauce is HERE. Instead of making it with the veggie pasta (like on the recipe link), I've just been eating it over brown … Continue reading This Week’s Food and Fitness

Week 3 Marathon Training, and #Feb100miles Goal Met!

I did my long run for this week yesterday so that I could meet the #feb100miles goal, and I'm thrilled to announce that I finished the month at 100.48 miles! Bring on #march100miles! I also ran more miles this last week than ever, and in only 5 days (Tuesday through Saturday)! What happened was that … Continue reading Week 3 Marathon Training, and #Feb100miles Goal Met!

Week 2 Marathon Training – Summary

I don't have my running journal in front of me to share the specific workouts, but I wanted to at least post the mileage summary (running only, doesn't include walking/cross-training): Yesterday I was home sick with a miserable head cold. It was so bad that I ruined yet another #runstreak :( So I've decided to … Continue reading Week 2 Marathon Training – Summary

Week 1 Marathon Training – Summary

I made it through Week 1 of marathon training, and also kept my #runstreak alive! If not for that stupid concussion, I'd almost be at 100 days, but since having to restart, yesterday was day 32. I'm good with that :) Monday was 3.5 miles easy/recovery. Tuesday was cross-training, but I completely forgot until I … Continue reading Week 1 Marathon Training – Summary