Marathon Training – Recap of Weeks 10 and 11

Oh yes, I have a blog here I keep forgetting about. Oops. Ahem, anyways. I'm still moving right along with marathon training, and also today is the last day of #REDA (Run Every Day in April). I'm planning on 3.25 miles at lunch today which will make my April running mileage total 111 miles! Here's … Continue reading Marathon Training – Recap of Weeks 10 and 11

Marathon Training – Week 8 Recap

Today begins week 9 of marathon training and that means I'm halfway through training! This coming weekend will be a 16-mile long run, which is where my training stopped on the last go-around and I quit. Not this time! I've got the shoe situation all settled, I've found the best fueling gel, I've got a … Continue reading Marathon Training – Week 8 Recap