Marathon Training – Week 8 Recap

Today begins week 9 of marathon training and that means I’m halfway through training! This coming weekend will be a 16-mile long run, which is where my training stopped on the last go-around and I quit. Not this time! I’ve got the shoe situation all settled, I’ve found the best fueling gel, I’ve got a (virtual) training partner, and I couldn’t feel better :)

So, here’s how last week went:

Run Summary March 30 - April 5

*Note: I had to use my summary from Daily Mile again this week because even after buying a new foot pod, I’m STILL having issues getting it to work. It keeps losing signal during my runs and I don’t know what could possibly be wrong with it. But because of this, my Garmin uploads aren’t accurate (when they even exist) and that means that SmashRun isn’t syncing correctly. At least it’s one less place I have to log in! Hehe

  • Monday 3/30: Easy/recovery run
  • Tuesday 3/31: Rest day (dentist)
  • Wednesday 4/1: Walk/Jog/Run
  • Thursday 4/2: Speed intervals
  • Friday 4/3: Hills plus easy
  • Saturday 4/4: Rest day (Ran 1 mile for #REDA)
  • Sunday 4/5: Long run

#REDA stands for “Run Every Day in April” which is through one of my Facebook running groups – The Slow Runners Club. Definitely my favorite running group. Everyone there is so supportive and friendly. :) There’s even a weekly podcast. Find out more info HERE.

That’s all I’ve got time for right now. Hope y’all have a great week!

9 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 8 Recap

  1. Congrats, partner, on another great week of training! I had a great week as well! Like you, I feel like I’ve found the right pair of shoes, the 2:1 run/walk intervals are helping me hit my stride as far as pace and endurance, and I’m feeling great so far! I think that the 16- and 18-mile runs are going to be the big tests for me. Can my body hold out for that long? Will I have the mental endurance to get through it? I guess I’ll find out, huh?
    I’ll also be trying out the Clifshots for this next long run, so I’ll see how those work for me for fuel during my run to go along with the Huma Chia Seed gels I’m currently using.
    Slow Runners Club is my favorite FB running group as well! So supportive and it’s nice to know that I’m not the only turtle out there running! :-)

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