Marathon Training – Week 7 Summary

Happy Meatless Monday! I don’t have a new recipe this week because I’m still eating my delicious leftovers from last week. As long as I have quinoa/rice, beans, salsa, and guacamole I don’t need much else :)

I had a great week of training! Not only did I complete all workouts (including the 14 mile long run!), I also got my shoe dilemma all straightened out. It’s the Kinvara 5 (for the win!) for easy and long runs, and the New Balance 1400 v2 for speed-work and (shorter) tempo runs. I can’t believe none of the Brooks made the cut, but I’ve still got my eye on the Launch 2 for my next shopping extravaganza….

I haven’t gotten my weekly email from SmashRun yet, so here’s the breakdown from Daily Mile:

Run summary March 23-29, 2015

Run summary March 23-29, 2015-2

The only downfall this week happened somewhere between miles 5 and 6 of the long run yesterday. My foot pod died. Not just the battery, but the foot pod itself. Not sure how or what happened, but even after putting in a new battery it won’t work :(  No worries though, I just went onto Running Warehouse and ordered a new one. It was a few bucks more than some competitor sites, but they have such great customer service, and super fast shipping! I highly recommend them!

Since I probably won’t have a chance to post tomorrow here’s a little summary for March:

  • 3.2 pounds lost (from 118.8 to 115.6)
  • 104 running miles (plus 3.5 planned for today)

Have a great week!

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