Week 3 Marathon Training, and #Feb100miles Goal Met!

I did my long run for this week yesterday so that I could meet the #feb100miles goal, and I’m thrilled to announce that I finished the month at 100.48 miles! Bring on #march100miles!

week ending 2-28-15

I also ran more miles this last week than ever, and in only 5 days (Tuesday through Saturday)!

week ending 2-28-15

What happened was that on Monday night I discovered that I still had 30-something miles to run to meet the 100 mile running goal for February. I knew I didn’t have time to run enough miles during my lunch break, so I ended up running twice-a-day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Here’s how the week went:

  • Monday: sick
  • Tuesday: 6.75 miles (3.25 easy + 3.5 tempo) PF3
  • Wednesday: 6.5 miles (3 miles of 1:2 speed repeats and 3.5 miles of 1:30/2 speed repeats) PF3 and NB 1400 v2
  • Thursday: 5.26 miles (2.01 miles easy and 3.25 miles easy) NB 1400 v2 and Kinvara 5
  • Friday: 3.5 miles tempo. Kinvara 5
  • Saturday: 10.5 miles long run. PF2

2015-02-28 16.58.28

Which brings us to today. I was going to just rest today, but then realized it’s March 1st which starts a new #writeandrun31 challenge. That means you’ll be seeing more posts, even if they are nothing but my food logs from the day ;) I have decided that instead of committing to at least a 1 mile run per day, I’m going to allow myself walking miles for this challenge. With marathon training going on, I need non-running days to recover!

So I’ll be back tomorrow, and I even have a new recipe to share!

Xxxs and Oods

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