Week 2 Marathon Training – Summary

I don’t have my running journal in front of me to share the specific workouts, but I wanted to at least post the mileage summary (running only, doesn’t include walking/cross-training):

Run summary Feb 16-22 2015

Yesterday I was home sick with a miserable head cold. It was so bad that I ruined yet another #runstreak :( So I’ve decided to forego the running streaks until after marathon training is over. I think that as my mileage builds, I’m really going to need those rest days!

I’m also still trying to complete the #feb100miles challenge. So thanks to February only having 28 days I’m going to have to run twice a day for the next few days, and do this week’s long run (10 miles) on Saturday instead of Sunday. No worries though – I got this!

7 thoughts on “Week 2 Marathon Training – Summary

  1. I’m kind of in the same boat. I signed up to do a virtual half-marathon this weekend. I’ve been sick with a head cold, too, and took a few days off. I think I’m going to just run an easy 3-mile run tonight and tomorrow, take a rest day, and then run my half-marathon on the treadmill at home on Saturday. It definitely won’t be any sort of PR, that’s for sure! I’m just going to take it easy, take my time, and get it done! I know how much meeting this Feb 100 miles means to you, so good luck! (Although I have no doubt you’ll do it!) :-)

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