Week 1 Marathon Training – Summary

I made it through Week 1 of marathon training, and also kept my #runstreak alive! If not for that stupid concussion, I’d almost be at 100 days, but since having to restart, yesterday was day 32. I’m good with that :)

Feb 9-15 2015

Monday was 3.5 miles easy/recovery.

Tuesday was cross-training, but I completely forgot until I had already ran over 1.5 miles. So I ran 1.75 and walked 1.5. Walking counts as CT right?!

Wednesday was speed work. I did 3.25 miles of 1:2 intervals x10.

Thursday was 3.5 miles easy.

Friday was 3.5 miles tempo.

Saturday was my rest day so I only ran 1 mile to keep my streak going.

And Sunday (yesterday) was 8 (long, slow run) miles while watching Doctor Who. I did 4:1 jog/run intervals and felt really good the entire time, with the exception of a blister that started bothering me around 6.5 miles. But I still felt like I could have kept going :)

I wore the Kinvara 5s Monday-Friday, Newton Fate on Saturday, and Ghost 6 on Sunday. The NB 1400s should be delivered today so (as long as they fit) I’ll probably test them out tomorrow.

And in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve sort of fallen into a blogging slump again. I think the weather here has finally gotten to me. I just don’t feel like doing anything. And of course we have yet another snow storm coming tonight into tomorrow, with temps in the single digits and icy cold winds. I am so over winter already!

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Marathon Training – Summary

  1. I hear you about the weather! Colder than normal temps this week, and I think that wind chills are supposed to be in the negative 30’s on Wednesday! Good God! I just want to hibernate until spring!!
    I ran almost 18 miles this last week, which I was really happy with! I also want to find a way to fit some more cross-training in. The PiYO workouts are awesome for stretching and strengthening and once a week isn’t enough, so I may try to fit 2-3 more sessions a week in the mornings before I go to work.
    Stay warm, my friend! :-)

    • You’re doing awesome! You can swap the EZ run or rest on Thursday with an additional CT day if you wanna do that. I’m glad you’re liking the Piyo workouts! I completely suck at CT or doing anything besides running ;)

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