Happy New Year!


Today I finished up the Runner’s World Run Streak (#rwrunstreak) and started a new challenge – the #writeandrun31 – which is another “run at least 1 mile every day,” but with this challenge I also have to write about it. I figured this would be a good way to get my little blog here going again.

It was also Week 6, Day 3 of the 10k trainer. I did a 5-minute warm up jog, ran for 22 minutes, then a 5-minute cool down jog. Ended up doing 3.25 miles in 32:10. Not too shabby since I’m also fighting a head cold, or the flu. Bleh.

I started the year at 118.6 so I’m still in my goal weight range! Yay!

And for food today, I had my Black Bean Sriracha Pasta with some roasted Brussels sprouts and red peppers. Because I’m kind of sick I’m not really hungry so I probably won’t eat anything else. And also because I’m not feeling well I’m going to end this here. A small writing start is better than nothing, right?!


Last Week’s Run Summary

What do you think of my new banner? I made it yesterday using PicMonkey and it took about a whole whopping 5 minutes!

Ahem, anyways…

I’m currently on Week 5 of the 10k trainer app by Zen Labs, and Day 26 of the Runner’s World Run Streak (#rwrunstreak). Ten days to go!

I’ve spent the last couple months or so working on speed, and by redoing C25k/10k it’s really been working!

I’ve been consistently running a lot faster than my usual 10-12 minute miles (as you can see below), and even got my latest “magic mile” down to 8:21! It’s been over 3 years since I’ve seen an 8(ish) minute mile!


While I’m excited to have improved my pace/speed, I’ve also noticed that I don’t look forward to my runs as much anymore.

It could be burnout from running every single day, or it could be overkill on the speed-work. The 10k training is only 3 days per week, so maybe I need to slow back down for the rest of the week. Or maybe I just have the holiday blues and feel like whining about something ;)

Checking In!

Oh I almost forgot I have a blog here, sorry ;)

Of course I’m still running! I’m currently on Day 19 of the Runner’s World Run Streak (#rwrunstreak). It started on Thanksgiving and goes through New Years Day. I’m also redoing the 10k trainer (by Zen Labs) to work on speed, and it’s been helping!

Running week of 12-7-14

I got some new running shoes – Newton Fate. So far I really like them! The lugs aren’t as pronounced as on my previous pair of Newtons (Distance U), which makes them much better for doing intervals. I wanted to get a couple more pairs of my beloved Pure Flow 2s, but I can’t find them in my size anywhere :(

I also got the new Polar M400 GPS watch. It’s got a built in activity tracker and beeps to remind me to get up and move. I haven’t used the GPS on it yet since I’ve been doing all my running on the treadmill. And unfortunately, the M400 is not foot-pod capable yet, although that is supposed to be updated shortly. So I’m still using my Garmin as well. I’m thinking that I kinda jumped the gun on ordering it, but (hopefully) once I can use the foot pod with it, it will become my all-in-one fitness gadget!

2014-12-10 18.43.48

Oh, and it looks like marathon training will begin again in February! I’m hoping that having my virtual running buddy, Tammy, training along with me, will get me over that hump where I chicken out and give up! And the marathons we have picked are on the same weekend in June!  I’ve already got a rough draft of our training plan, which is a conglomeration of 3 different plans (Galloway, NMA, & RW Smart Coach), with some of my own tweaking added in. I’ll share it once I have it finalized.