Happy New Year!


Today I finished up the Runner’s World Run Streak (#rwrunstreak) and started a new challenge – the #writeandrun31 – which is another “run at least 1 mile every day,” but with this challenge I also have to write about it. I figured this would be a good way to get my little blog here going again.

It was also Week 6, Day 3 of the 10k trainer. I did a 5-minute warm up jog, ran for 22 minutes, then a 5-minute cool down jog. Ended up doing 3.25 miles in 32:10. Not too shabby since I’m also fighting a head cold, or the flu. Bleh.

I started the year at 118.6 so I’m still in my goal weight range! Yay!

And for food today, I had my Black Bean Sriracha Pasta with some roasted Brussels sprouts and red peppers. Because I’m kind of sick I’m not really hungry so I probably won’t eat anything else. And also because I’m not feeling well I’m going to end this here. A small writing start is better than nothing, right?!

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