Week 8 HM Training Recap

This week didn't start out so great - I missed my easy/recovery run on Monday, and was home sick on Tuesday. I did get in 7.5 miles with Lucy those 2 days though. The rest of the week went as planned, and my long run today was great! No tummy issues, and the weather outside … Continue reading Week 8 HM Training Recap

Meatless Monday: Laura’s Awesome Sauce! And Week 7 HM Training Recap

My awesome sauce is sort of adapted from the Tahini Lime Dressing that I've shared before (which was originally adapted from a recipe from Peas and Thank You). I tweaked it a bit and added some Tex-Mex flair to create this delicious, tangy, put-it-on-everything sauce :) Laura's Awesome Sauce 1/2 cup Tahini 1/4 cup lime … Continue reading Meatless Monday: Laura’s Awesome Sauce! And Week 7 HM Training Recap

Week 6 HM Training Recap

I just got back from a walk with Lucy and figured I might as well get my summary post in so that I can (hopefully) post a recipe tomorrow for Meatless Monday :) That's probably kinda hard to read, so here's a recap: Monday: 35 minute easy/recovery run. Did 3.71 miles in 35:01. I felt … Continue reading Week 6 HM Training Recap

Week 5 Half Marathon Training Recap

Better late than never, right?! I only ended up running 3 days, but still managed to get in over 30 miles for the week! I did my speed-work on Wednesday (treadmill): 8 x 400 repeats (love this workout!) for 30 minutes (just over 3 miles), hill-work on Friday (treadmill): 3.5 miles of level 1 hills … Continue reading Week 5 Half Marathon Training Recap

Week 2 Half Marathon Training Recap

Week 2 done, and I finished up by running a half marathon yesterday. Not a race, but just because I promised myself I'd run a half marathon on my birthday :) Although it was a good run, it wasn't the smartest thing to do without the proper training. I ended up with a huge blister … Continue reading Week 2 Half Marathon Training Recap

Weekly Wrap-up

Wow, it's brutally hot outside today! TGFT! That would be "Thank Goodness for Treadmills!" My treadmill room has been a complete wreck for the last several months, but I spent most of yesterday getting it all cleaned out and rearranged. This morning I fixed the computer and got it running again, and then moved the … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-up