Week 2 Half Marathon Training Recap

Week 2 done, and I finished up by running a half marathon yesterday. Not a race, but just because I promised myself I’d run a half marathon on my birthday :)

Although it was a good run, it wasn’t the smartest thing to do without the proper training. I ended up with a huge blister under the big toe on my left foot. And it really messed up my easy run today. So lesson learned – I will stick to the mileage designated in the training plan!

Anyways, here’s how the week went:

  • Monday: 40 minute easy/recovery run. 3.95 miles doing 3:1 intervals
  • Tuesday: Ct or Rest: I rested (other than Lucy’s walk)
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes speed-work. 3.13 miles doing 8 x 400 repeats
  • Thursday: 3 miles easy. I actually skipped this because of GI issues
  • Friday: 40 minutes hills: 3.8 miles of Level 1 hills
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 6 mile LSR. 13.15 miles (in 2:27) doing 1:1 intervals 
Week 2 summary
Week 2 summary

With Lucy’s walks added in I did 36.03 miles for the week! Hard to believe since I basically skipped 2 workouts.

All runs this week were done in the Skechers GoRun2.

And this morning’s weigh-in was 117.2 :)

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