Week 6 HM Training Recap

I just got back from a walk with Lucy and figured I might as well get my summary post in so that I can (hopefully) post a recipe tomorrow for Meatless Monday :)

2014-07-20 18.40.00

That’s probably kinda hard to read, so here’s a recap:

  • Monday: 35 minute easy/recovery run. Did 3.71 miles in 35:01. I felt good so I just kept increasing by .2 every quarter mile to the halfway point, then decreased by .2 til finished. Plus 1.25 with Lucy
  • Tuesday: Rest or CT. Just walked Lucy – 1 mile.
  • Wednesday: Speed-work. Did 10 x 400 repeats at 6.8 – 7.5 mph with 4.2 mph recoveries. 3.76 miles in 35:30. Plus 1.5 with Lucy
  • Thursday: Easy 3. Did 3.51 in 35:05. Plus 1.5 with Lucy
  • Friday: Hills. Did Level 3 pre-set on treadmill: 3.27 miles in 36:06 doing 4:1 intervals. Plus 1.5 with Lucy
  • Saturday: Rest. Did 4 miles with Lucy
  • Sunday: 9 mile LSR. Did 9.06 in 1:35:05 doing 4:1 intervals. I stayed home and did this on the treadmill because I wasn’t sure how my tummy was going to be from all the experimenting I did in the kitchen yesterday. Ended up okay with no issues :)  Plus 2.15 with Lucy.

I did all my runs this week in the Brooks PureFlow 2s. As of tonight I only have one small blister. I think I’m gonna just use the Skechers for speed work, or maybe try to break them back in slowly. They feel so good on my feet, but I think they were the cause of the massive blisters :(

I definitely did not drink enough water this week, so I’ll continue to work on that next week. As for weight, I started the week at 117.0 and finished at 117.0 – how’s that for consistency?!

And because I spent so much time making recipes and experimenting in the kitchen on Saturday, I’m hoping to post a recipe tomorrow for Meatless Monday.

4 thoughts on “Week 6 HM Training Recap

  1. I’m struggling with blisters right now, too. I’m only getting mine when I do my long runs, so I’m wondering if I need to get different socks. Right now I wear cotton socks because they are comfortable and cushion my feet, but I think I might need to get something that will keep my feet dryer, like dry-wick socks or something.

    Also, I admire your ability to maintain your weight. I’m really struggling right now. My appetite has really increased since I started the half-marathon training, especially now that I’m getting into the bigger miles with the long runs. It’s been difficult finding a balance between how much I should eat to keep my body fueled, but not so much that I gain weight. I’m either feeling hungry from not eating enough, or eating too much and stepping on the scale at the end of the week to find that I’ve gained a few pounds. Ugh. I’m trying not to fret too much about it and am just enjoying the fact that I’m able to run more and more each week! :-)

    • OMG! You aren’t really wearing COTTON socks?! That is almost definitely why you have blisters!! Stop what you’re doing right now and go get some Thorlo, Swiftwick, or Balegas! They aren’t cheap, but I have found Balega Zulu’s on Amazon for a pretty good price.

      On the food/weight end of things, it takes a while to find the right balance. If I find myself gaining a few pounds I start tracking again at Spark. But regardless of whether I’m actually tracking or not, I do still write everything down. It really helps :)

  2. I was drooling all over FB and Instagram looking at those dishes you were cooking, can’t wait to hear the end result..and see more pics. ;)

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