Weeks 3 and 4 Half Marathon Training

Here’s how Week 3 went:

Week 3 Summary
Week 3 Summary

A total of 34 miles ran/walked!

My Week 4 Summary sheet is at work and only half filled out since I got off early on Thursday and was off Friday (the 4th).  And this morning (at 2am) I woke up with a horrible migraine so I stayed home. But here’s how it went:

Week 4:

  • Monday (6/30): Skipped my easy/recovery run but did walk 4.5 miles with Lucy
  • Tuesday (7/1): Rest or CT: Rested, but did walk 1.5 miles with Lucy
  • Wednesday (7/2): Speed-work: Did 7 x 400 repeats for a total of 3.36 miles in 31:23. Plus 1.5 miles with Lucy
  • Thursday (7/3): Easy 3: Did 3.6 in 36:30. Plus 1.5 with Lucy
  • Friday (7/4): Skipped my hill workout, but did walk 4.7 miles with Lucy
  • Saturday (7/5): Rest Day. Since I skipped 2 workouts during the week I went for 3 separate but consecutive 1 mile runs (was testing out different apps for split interval details). Each mile was 1:30 intervals. 1st mile in 10:45, 2nd mile in 10:00, and 3rd mile in 9:30. Plus 4.75 miles with Lucy
  • Sunday (7/6): 7LSR: Did 7.08 miles (doing 1:1 intervals) in 1:20. And oh Holy Humidity! It was miserable out there! Plus 4 with Lucy.

A total of 40 miles for the week!

Today starts Week 5, and again I missed my easy/recovery run, because of the migraine. I did manage to get in 2 miles with Lucy.

My weight for the past 2 weeks has been between 116 – 118. So all is good there!

In other news, I can’t get this crazy color out of my hair! I used Raspberry Splat, then (tried to) put in blonde highlights. My hair turned pink. It was kinda cool for a couple days, but now I just feel weird with it! So after my migraine finally subsided this afternoon, I attempted to bleach it out. According to the Splat web site, the only way to get it out is to bleach it. I slathered the bleach all over and into my hair, and left it on for an hour. Here’s the result:

2014-07-07 17.36.22


Still pink! But now instead of reddish pink, it’s blondish pink.  Ugh. I give up!

4 thoughts on “Weeks 3 and 4 Half Marathon Training

  1. You’re looking good, Laura! Don’t worry about the hair; it will grow out and fade! You’re doing great on the running, too! You keep me motivated to keep going! I love your documentation, too. I was doing well at first keeping a journal of my training, but I’ve slacked off on that and need to get going on it again. Give Lucy a hug and kiss from me -she makes me smile every time you post a pic of her! So adorable! :-)

    • Aww thanks, you’re the best! Journaling your training is very important! I’m gonna upload that (Word) document to Google so you can use it. I’ll FB you as soon as I get a chance to do it!

  2. I think your hair still looks cool! And the great thing about our pets: they don’t care what we look like. :)

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