Shoe Search Continues…

Let me get the whining right out of the way... The shoes are no good. Yes, they fit perfect and are very comfortable. Until I ran in them. Instead of trying to explain what it is about them, let me just say that I'm back to searching for an everyday, light-weight, minimal yet cushion-y running … Continue reading Shoe Search Continues…

They Fit!

I couldn't wait to get home from work today and try on the new, new PF2s and THEY FIT! Yay! They feel perfect on my feet (just like the adult-sized PF2s), so I'm hoping they aren't any different (I couldn't tell with the other new pair since they're too big). I'll report back on that after … Continue reading They Fit!

50-Day Run Streak #writeandrun31

I hit a pretty awesome milestone today - 50 days of running in a row! And in these 50 days (started 11/23/14) I've ran 171 miles. That's 3.42 miles per day on average. I'm pretty sure there were only 1 or 2 days in which I only ran 1 mile (one of those being yesterday, … Continue reading 50-Day Run Streak #writeandrun31

New Shoes! #writeandrun31 Day 9

I mentioned yesterday that I'm on the hunt to find a new pair of PureFlow 2s and guess what?! Yep, I found some today! I don't know why I hadn't thought of checking the "Big Kids" sizes before now because not only was I able to get them in this awesome bright yellow color, but … Continue reading New Shoes! #writeandrun31 Day 9

Day 8 #writeandrun31 – My new Garmin came today!

From the 305 (enormous) to the 210 (big), and now the 15 - finally they made one that fits my tiny wrist! And because it also has a step tracker, I'll be able to get rid of my broken Fitbit too ;) Just need to wear it (the Fitbit) one more day to check the accuracy … Continue reading Day 8 #writeandrun31 – My new Garmin came today!

2014 Mileage Total (Day 6 #writeandrun31)

I got an email from DailyMile this morning that had my total mileage for 2014. There were a few months where I was either sick or injured, but overall it was a good year! I think this total also includes walking though, because my 2014 total running mileage was more like 900-something miles. So for … Continue reading 2014 Mileage Total (Day 6 #writeandrun31)

My Running Journal (Day 5 #writeandrun31)

Anyone have a hard time finding the "perfect" running journal? I've been through something like 10-12 different journals/logs and I always end up either not using them at all, or scribbling down a few days worth of entries before deciding that I just don't like it. I do log all my mileage on the computer (in an … Continue reading My Running Journal (Day 5 #writeandrun31)

Meatless Monday – Fiesta Corn (and a C25k update!)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I took it easy on Saturday-  caught up on my DVR'd shows from the week, and then spent a few hours in the kitchen, making a couple of my regular recipes (Black Bean and Sriracha Pasta, and BBQ Black Bean and Quinoa burgers), and testing out a couple new … Continue reading Meatless Monday – Fiesta Corn (and a C25k update!)