Shoe Search Continues…

Let me get the whining right out of the way…

The shoes are no good. Yes, they fit perfect and are very comfortable. Until I ran in them. Instead of trying to explain what it is about them, let me just say that I’m back to searching for an everyday, light-weight, minimal yet cushion-y running shoe. In the meantime I’ll be trying to eek a few more miles out of my old PF2s, and alternating with the Newtons and the Ghosts.

I might be a wee bit OCD with running shoes.

And there's at least 6 pairs not shown here!
       And this isn’t even all of them!

Ahem, anyways… Today’s run was an easy 5k. Well, other than the shoes it was an “easy” 5k ;) I did the same intervals as yesterday, but upped the pace a little bit to finish in under 30 minutes.

2015-01-17 14.46.55

Tomorrow I’m going to slow it down and shoot for 10 miles. Instead of listening to music, I’m either going to finish up season 7 of Doctor Who or listen to an audio book.

I joined Kindle Unlimited on Amazon last night, and the book I started listening to (Pines by Blake Crouch) is really good so far! I was trying to read (listen to) Odd Thomas, but it’s so slow-going that it puts me to sleep. Definitely not the case with Pines!

This morning’s weigh in was 117.4 and here’s what I ate:

  • Breakfast: 2 Tbsp peanut butter
  • Lunch: Chipotle Black beans w/roasted red peppers and scallions, Minute brand Whole Grain Medley, and Red Hot Blues (yes, I eat this almost every day)
  • Dinner: Whole wheat sandwich thin with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a Nature’s Promise Chipotle Black Bean veggie burger, homemade potato wedges (recipe HERE) and BBQ sauce.
2015-01-17 21.00.15
Homemade potato wedges seasoned with Masa Harina, garlic powder, onion powder, Hot Mexican chili powder, and Hungarian paprika. Delicious!

Xxxs and Oods, Laura

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