Meatless Monday: Kitchen Staples

I don't have a new recipe to share today, but I thought I'd give you a peek into my pantry :)   On 2nd thought, how about a quick run-down of what I keep stocked? If you saw pictures inside the fridge/freezer/pantry you'd think I was lying about being meatless- my husband is far from … Continue reading Meatless Monday: Kitchen Staples

Weekly Wrap-up

Wow, it's brutally hot outside today! TGFT! That would be "Thank Goodness for Treadmills!" My treadmill room has been a complete wreck for the last several months, but I spent most of yesterday getting it all cleaned out and rearranged. This morning I fixed the computer and got it running again, and then moved the … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-up

Meatless Monday: Spicy (Vegan) Sloppy Joe filling

I can't believe it's Cinco de Mayo and I'm NOT posting a Mexican-ish recipe, although I did throw some of my Tex-Mex flair into this ;) This recipe was inspired by my friend Michelle, who blogs at Go check her out ASAP! Spicy Vegan Sloppy Joe filling   Ingredients: 1 large yellow onion, chopped … Continue reading Meatless Monday: Spicy (Vegan) Sloppy Joe filling

April Summary and May Goals

So I didn't quite make 100 miles, but I did come close (93.11 miles)! I ran at least 4 days/week. And I did dip back under 120 but unfortunately it didn't last. I did end up with a .4 pound loss though! ;)     All in all, it was a good month. I tracked … Continue reading April Summary and May Goals

Southwestern Quinoa and Black Beans

My newest food obsession is (Old El Paso) Refried Black Beans. Mix 'em up with some quinoa, throw in a bit of SW flair, and Yum!   This picture really doesn't do it much justice, but oh wow did it come out good! I, of course, added fresh salsa and guacamole to the finished recipe. … Continue reading Southwestern Quinoa and Black Beans

mEatless Monday (and March summary)

Back on track day 1. It didn't start so great since I left for work without my food. Thankfully I have stuff that I keep at my office for those "just in case" days. Breakfast was an Amy's Organic Black Bean and Tomato Burrito, and lunch was an Amy's Mexican Casserole, topped with guacamole. Got … Continue reading mEatless Monday (and March summary)

Mashed Chickpea and Avocado Salad

I'm up a few pounds (again - UGH!), so I decided it's time to try out, and come up with, some new recipes. I headed over to Pinterest for a little inspiration, and after seeing several variations of meals that combine chickpeas and avocados I came up with this refreshing "salad." It's really more like … Continue reading Mashed Chickpea and Avocado Salad

Meatless Monday: Esther the Wonder Pig!

Has anyone not met Esther yet?!   Esther took Facebook by storm! Since starting the page only about a month ago, Esther has over 20,000 likes! She also has a web site, a YouTube channel, and a twitter account (see other links from the web site)!  She was adopted under the assumption that she was a … Continue reading Meatless Monday: Esther the Wonder Pig!