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Wordless Wednesday


Week 5 Sloppy Cuckoo Training

After reviewing the last few weeks of training, I’m thinking that I need to make one of my weekday runs a bit longer, or do 2 runs per day once or twice per week. Especially on cut-back weeks. Most of the ultra plans that I’ve looked at have weekly mileage between 35 – 45 miles and I’ve been averaging 25 – 35. So I’ll be tweaking my training plan over the next few days…

Here’s how last week went:

Week of July 20 - 26, 2015
Week of July 20 – 26, 2015
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Speed intervals (2:1 x 10)
  • Wednesday: Easy run
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Level 3 Hills
  • Saturday: Long Slow Run (cut back week)
  • Sunday: Recovery Run (turned into LSR part 2)

I think Wednesday will be the day to do a longer (or double) run, and then maybe get rid of one of my rest days (most likely Monday). Doing those 2 things would get me an additional 6 – 10 miles per week, and then I’d be good.


In shoe news, the New Balance Zante have moved up to the number 1 slot in my rotation list. I don’t know why I pass(ed) them over so frequently – they are comfy, lightweight, and have enough forefoot cushion to go longer distances. Granted, I haven’t worn them for more than 10 miles at once, so we’ll see how they do on my 22-miler next Saturday.

2015-07-25 13.24.12
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Week 4 Ultra Training

Here’s how last week’s training went:

Run Summary 7-13 to 7-19-15

  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: Speed Intervals – 1:2 x 10
  • Wednesday: Easy
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: Hills!
  • Saturday: 18-mile Long Run
  • Sunday: 10k Recovery Run at Race pace

I wore the new Newton Distance IV for my long run and they felt pretty good. I noticed that I’m still grabbing for my PureFlow 2s as a first choice though.  They can’t possibly have much life left – at last check they had almost 500 miles!  Oh, what to do, what to do…

Wordless Wednesday


Last Week’s Training and (more) New Shoes

Happy Tuesday! Here’s how last week finished out:

July 6 - 12, 2015
July 6 – 12, 2015

I failed on my 18-miler Saturday. I procrastinated too long and didn’t get out the door until after 10am. It was already 90 degrees! I made it about 5 miles before my head started pounding and my stomach began cramping up (and not my usual tummy issues), so I figured it best if I head back home. Then, instead of finishing up on the treadmill, I opted for some retail therapy at Road Runner Sports ;)

They didn’t have 2 of the shoes I wanted to try on (PureConnect and PureGrit), but they did have the PureFlow 4 which I’m happy to report are WAY better than the 3s and about as close to the 2s as I’ll probably ever get! However, I didn’t get them (yet). This will probably sound stupid but I didn’t care for the color choice they had there! And actually, after checking online I don’t really care for ANY of the color choices :(

After trying on about 5 or 6 different shoes, this is what I had it narrowed down to:

Newton Distance IV and Brooks PureFlow 4
Newton Distance IV and Brooks PureFlow 4

I sigh every time I look at those PF 4s! If only they were black, instead of blue…

And so I ended up with another pair of Newtons instead. Those are the Distance IV and they are really light and comfortable. And bright yellow!! Yay!

I didn’t end up buying them from the store though. They had a problem with my VIP status and while the manager was on the phone with headquarters I looked up the shoes on Running Warehouse. They were over $30 cheaper! So what could have been close to $200 (I also had some socks picked out) only cost me $130. That means I still have a little extra money, and Hmmm, tomorrow is Prime Day on Amazon. I wonder if those PF 4s will be on any kind of special? ;)


Mid Week Update

Happy Thursday friends :) As you can see I gave my blog a little make-over. I did this in hopes of getting the creative juices flowing. Instead, I ended up spending almost 2 days changing themes and configuring widgets. That is, in between the times WordPress wants to tell me that my password is invalid and not let me in at all. Ugh. I’m seriously considering going back to Blogger.

<end rant>

I took a little break from training last weekend and only ran 1 mile (7 miles were scheduled). It was a cut-back week so I’m not worried, and we all need a break every now and then, right?!  Lucy certainly had a fun weekend :)

2015-07-04 13.22.27-2
She LOVES the sprinkler! (And the bathtub, and the pool, and the river…)

This week has been going pretty good. No tummy issues!! The only problem I’ve had this week is that my foot pod is not working, yet again. It’s really not a big deal except that I like to be able to see all my stats on Garmin. All I’ve got this week is the treadmill summaries. Here’s how it’s been going:

  • Monday: Easy 5k run
  • Tuesday: 1:2 speed intervals x11 (3.3 miles)
  • Wednesday: 5k run of Level 5 hills

Today is an easy 5k run and tomorrow is my rest day. I have 18 miles scheduled for Saturday, and a 5-mile easy/recovery run on Sunday.

My weight these past couple weeks has been a steady 114 – 115, even after eating like a little piggy at my mother-in-laws last weekend. Granted, it was all veggies/vegan stuff, but I definitely over-indulged!

Gotta run, Laura

June Summary

I ran 100.49 miles in June (that makes 7 months in a row with over 100 miles ran!) – long runs were 10.3 miles, 13.2 miles, and 24.05 miles.


My starting weight for June was 117.6 and ending weight 116.0 (highest weight was 118.2 and lowest was 115.2). Staying consistent!

I tracked my food EVERY day, and also accomplished my mini goal of drinking less coffee and more water. Trust me, -ANY- water is a huge accomplishment for me!

For July my goals remain the same: consistent food tracking, 100+ miles, weight maintenance, more water.

So how about you? How did you do in June? What are your goals for July?

Summary of Week 1 Ultra Training

Yesterday I did an easy 4 mile recovery run which brought my total mileage for the week to just over 37 miles! That’s a good way to end Week 1 of Ultra training, eh? And after today or tomorrow’s 4 mile run I’ll have another month of 100+ miles!

Week of June 22nd - 28th, 2015
Week of June 22nd – 28th, 2015

My typical weekly running schedule includes speed, easy, hills, long, and recovery. I’m not doing tempo runs this go-around since I’ll be using intervals for all long runs. Intervals make me happy :)

Have a great week!

I Ran 24 Miles Today!

I had 15 miles on the schedule for today, but the weather was fantastic (70F, cloudy and light rain) and I didn’t have any tummy issues, so… I ran my longest run ever (so far) – 24 miles!

2015-06-27 14.05.19

I woke up about 8:30am which, by the way, is WAY too early for a Saturday morning ;) I had a cup of coffee and a vitamin, put on my running outfit, and then I took Lucy for a quick 1-mile walk around the neighborhood. Came back home, took a Gu (Espresso Love), and headed right back out for my long run. I opted for :40/:30 intervals today which worked out great. I usually go out too fast and burn out too early. Not today! I stayed between 11:30 and 12:00 minute miles the entire time, and never got fatigued.

2015-06-27 12.56.32-2
Still smiling at mile 19!

After 1 loop (1 mile) around my subdivision I had to stop back at home to change bras. I took a sip of water and went right back out. And I even ventured out of the subdivision this time (a rarity for me because of my stomach issues). I had to make another stop at home (around 10 miles) to change shirts, and I probably should have changed either my shoes or socks at this point because my right foot was a little sore. I didn’t realize it was THIS bad (keep scrolling if you don’t want to see this nasty blood blister). What’s weird though is my left foot looks fine. Maybe it’s the way my right foot pronates/supinates?






2015-06-27 14.22.01
Ewwwwww! I know!

Anyways, at 15 miles I came across these really pretty orange flowers and had to take a pic.

2015-06-27 12.05.23
Stop and smell the flowers :)

I actually took quite a few pictures today, which is something I really need to do more often. It’s nice to have photo memories of my long runs!

2015-06-27 10.12.24

2015-06-27 12.50.11
Oh, hi! I think he startled me as much as I did him!

2015-06-27 12.19.35

I have to tell you – I’ve really enjoyed my long runs so much more since I decided to slow down and use short run/walk intervals. Give them a try sometime!

Have a great weekend!!

Wordless Wednesday

Tee hee! Except that I actually hate peas ;)
Tee hee! Except that I actually hate peas ;)

Sloppy Cuckoo Training Begins

I’m officially registered for the Sloppy Cuckoo 12-hour Challenge!

Sloppy Cuckoo

First off, I’m NOT planning on running for 12 hours straight! My goals are two-fold: 1) to (finally) become a marathoner, and 2) complete one extra loop (which would equal 50k) to become an ultra runner!

I’ve spent the past few days putting together a training plan where I wouldn’t be starting over from scratch. Especially since I just did a 23 mile run a few weeks ago. I came up with something similar to my last training plan (since it really worked well!), except this time I’m only designating a certain amount of mileage on the long run day. Here, have a look:

2015-06-23 17.02.59

I used to do my long runs on Sundays, but with the higher mileage it’s been working out better running on Saturday. Then I can mostly rest on Sundays, other than a short recovery run.

I’m going to continue using run/walk intervals for the long runs because they’ve really been beneficial as far as recovery goes. The intervals also make the really long runs less daunting ;)  For the shorter weekly runs, I either just run or do jog/run intervals.

I’ll be back in the next day or 2 to go over nutrition goals, gear/gadgets, etc…

Stay tuned :)

1/2 Sauer, 1/2 Kraut (Half) Marathon Recap

Sorry for the delay in posting this. It’s been crazy busy here this week. I had (gum) surgery on Thursday, and then I had to rush Lucy to the animal hospital on Friday. She’s okay. The vet said she has what’s called a “Reverse Sneezing” condition. It’s apparently quite common, but it’s such a scary sound she made that I thought she was having a heart attack or something :/ She did end up on a dose of steroids for allergies, and also has some post-nasal drip, but otherwise she’s just fine. On a side note – the last time we were there I was told she needed to lose 5-10 pounds. She gained 5! But the vet she saw this time said she’s just a little bit overweight and she looks okay.

Going home after surgery. So much pain :(
Going home after surgery. So much pain :(
Lucy resting in bed.
Lucy resting in bed.

In my pre-race post I shared that the course was being closed early due to the weather/heat. As I feared, I didn’t make the cutoff for the turnaround. In other words, I am still NOT a marathoner. Ugh. And this time I was completely prepared, ready and capable.

Race day outfit! Except I forgot the tutu at home :(
Race day outfit! Except I forgot the tutu at home :(

My 1/2 finish time was 2:29:30. I was pacing myself (I used :40/:20 intervals) for a 4:59:59 marathon finish, and I was right on target! Too bad they closed the turnaround chute at 2:20. As I crossed the (half) finish line, and saw that I wasn’t going to be able to go back out again I was pretty disappointed. For about 5 seconds anyways. it was SO miserably hot/humid, and that course was ROUGH. I wasn’t expecting those super narrow, HILLY, gravel trails!

Setting up the START line.
Setting up the START line.
Steep, narrow, gravel trails!
Steep, narrow, gravel trails!
2015-06-13 09.52.56
Poison ivy spotted at the mile 12 marker. Sorry so blurry!
Uber Hans! The ex-pro football accordion player!
Uber Hans! The ex-pro football accordion player!

Thankfully, because it was a half and a full, I was not a DNF! And I still earned a medal! It was my slowest half time ever, but like I said before, I was pacing myself for a full. And then again, considering the course and the heat I’m totally okay with my time!

Half Marathon finisher!
Half Marathon finisher!

I came home and immediately looked for another full. You know, I’m already all trained and everything! Then I thought about the heat and decided to start my search in September instead ;) And lookie what I found! The Sloppy Cuckoo (12 hour challenge) Marathon. It’s the same RD, the same park, the same German festivities Lol! And not only can I do a marathon; I can keep going for as many more 6.55 mile loops as I want/can for a total of up to 12 hours. I’m thinking about 50k, or a total of 5 loops. But I’ll be happy enough (ok, ecstatic!!) just to finish the marathon!

And speaking of marathons, my training buddy Tammy, DID finish her marathon!!! I couldn’t be more happy for her and so proud of her. You should stop by and congratulate her because she’s a super star!!!

Gotta run!

Marathon Eve Update

My outfit has been selected and I’m ready to go. Now I’m just hoping the weather cooperates. We’re currently under a heat advisory, and the course time limit has been lowered from 6.5 to 5 hours. That in itself isn’t such a big deal as I’m planning on around a 5-hour finish time.

The problem is the cutoff at the half (where you go through the chute to go back out for the 2nd half) is also closing early. This the current situation, as taken from the race’s web site:


So while it’s more than likely I’ll be stopped at the half, I’m not going to change my race day strategy. I’m not going to kill myself by trying to beat that “undisclosed” time; I’m just going to enjoy myself (as much as that’s possible in 90+ degree temps ;)) and whatever is meant to be, will be.

That being said, I’ve really enjoyed this round of training and so I’ve decided that I’ll be doing it again for a(nother) marathon in November! Stay tuned for details…


3 More Sleeps til Marathon!

I don’t know why WP hates me so much. I haven’t been able to log into my blog for over 2 weeks. Luckily, when I just went in to approve a comment I was able to get in. Whatever…

So, Saturday is the big day! I received the final instructions for race day from the RD (who, by the way, is quite hilarious!) which you can see HERE. Seriously, read it. It’s funny :)

My shoe choice is narrowed down to either the Brooks Launch 2 or the Brooks PureFlow 2 (yes, I pulled the last pair from retirement – they still feel good and are my absolute favorite shoes EVER).  I’m about 97% sure the PF2s are going to win.

2015-06-07 11.27.52

Still working on the outfit also. I have the sports bra narrowed down to 2 (VS or Champion – I’ll spare the details/pics ;)), the shorts down to 3 (Brooks, Nike, and Champion), shirt down to 2. But hey, I know which socks I’m wearing!

Best socks ever!
Best socks ever!

I’ll be wearing the Camelbak vest so I’m leaning towards the bright yellow tank – a girl’s gotta somewhat match right? I’m considering wearing an older Garmin (either the 305 or 210) because of the battery. The 15 is supposed to be 8 hours, but I don’t think so. It almost died at 4 on a long run.

I’m going to skip wearing a visor and do a bandana instead. That way I can wet it and put it back on if needed. It’s supposed to be a scorcher on Saturday – 90 degrees at 7am! The sunblock is already packed in the vest, as are a few Pocketfuel almond butter/gels, and the Gymboss timer (I’m going to use the :30/:30 run/walk intervals).

As for goals, I really just want to finish – upright and pain-free. I do kind of have a time goal in mind even though that’s probably stupid considering the weather, and the fact that it’s a partial trail run with a monster hill (Mount Cuckoo) that I’ll have to tackle either 2 or 4 times! But I’ll put it out there anyways. 4:59:59.

I’m sure there’s more I want to say, but my brain is in a fog right now! So, if I don’t check back in before the marathon, I’ll definitely post afterwards!

Any last minute tips or advice? Please feel free to share!!


Marathon Training – Weeks 14 and 15

I can honestly say that I’m ready for the marathon!! Especially after Saturday’s 22(.81) mile long run!

Did you hear that?! I ran almost 23 miles!!! And it didn’t suck!!

Switching my long runs to Saturday, and using :30/:30 run/walk intervals have made all the difference. And I also bought a(nother) new pair of shoes just for long runs – the Brooks Launch 2. They have just enough forefoot cushion, and the arch support is perfect! I bought them on Friday and wore them Saturday. No break-in period needed. No blisters. They are awesome! So that means I have the shoe choice narrowed down to either the Launch or the Newton Fates.

Brooks Launch 2
Brooks Launch 2
Newton Fate
Newton Fate

My husband bought me the Camelbak marathon vest as an early birthday present because I was worried about how to carry fuel/water, etc…  I’ve tried different fuel belts but none of them have worked out (I have no hips). The vest was wonderful! No chafing, plenty of storage pockets, adjustable. I only filled it halfway because I was worried about carrying an extra 6-7 pounds (it holds 70 ounces), so there was some sloshing that took a little while to get used to, but overall it was comfortable and I highly recommend it!

Still smiling at mile 22 :)
Still smiling at mile 22 :)

Another early birthday present I received was a Gymboss timer (thanks Natalie!!!) and it worked out perfect also. It was very easy to set up, and when the timer ran out I only had to push 2 buttons to restart it. I clipped it onto the shoulder of the vest so that I could hear it over my music, and it was plenty loud enough.

And here’s how the last 2 weeks of training went:

Week 16. Only ran 4 days and still got in 30 miles!
Week 15. Only ran 4 days and still got in 30 miles!

Week 14

I really don’t mean to go 2 weeks between postings. I think time just gets away from me. I will try to do better :) Have a great week everyone!

20-mile Long Run Report, and Weeks 12 and 13 of Marathon Training

You guys!!! I ran 20 miles and I didn’t die!!

It was actually a great run! I have to thank my Slow Runners Club peeps for suggesting to try out short run/walk intervals. I normally use run/jog intervals or just run. When I tried doing the run/walk thing a few years ago I would get to a point (usually around 10k) where the running segments got slower and slower until I couldn’t make my legs start running again after the walk breaks. Or I would try incorporating the run/walk too late into the run instead of starting right from the beginning.

2015-05-01 18.24.32

Anyways, I decided to go with :30/:30 intervals. I figured that after how bad the last 2 long runs went, it certainly couldn’t be any worse! I also had come to the conclusion that if I couldn’t run the 20 miles I was going to swap out my marathon registration for the half. Not to say that might not still happen (depending – of course – on how my tummy situation is on race day), but for now I have no worries. After the 20 mile run, I am confident that I can run a marathon! And nothing can/will take that feeling, that knowledge, away!

I somehow managed to wake up before the alarm – thanks Lucy for having to go out an hour earlier than usual ;)

2015-04-12 16.19.03

After coming back in from Lucy’s walk I finished charging my phone and my Garmin, drank 2 cups of coffee and took a vitamin. Did the bathroom thing, then got dressed and took an energy gel. I was out the door at 8:30am. I opted for a little extra cushioning so I wore the Brooks Ghost 6’s. I think it was a good choice!

I only had to stop one time and it wasn’t for the bathroom!! Lol!! It was right at mile 1 I had to run back in the house to ditch my new fuel belt. It was just too heavy and too big, and unfortunately it will not work L So I dropped that off and grabbed the arm phone holder thingie and in less than a minute, was back out.

I was planning on doing a few loops around my subdivision before heading out onto a route I mapped out, but I ended up doing the entire run in 1-mile loops around my house. I think I was just nervous that as soon as I got too far away from home, that “urge” would hit and ruin my run (again). I don’t know if it was a mental thing or not but I had no tummy issues the entire time. None. Maybe the poop gods finally decided to take mercy on me ;)

And not only that, the weather was perfect too. It was mid 60s with a light rain. I think that played a large part in my not needing any water/fuel for most of the run. I wasn’t really worried about it since I was never more than 1 mile away from grabbing some water or a gel, but I never had to stop. I did get really thirsty around mile 17, so I texted my hubby and he brought me out a 10-ounce bottle of water which I sipped on during that mile, then as I rounded back by the house I threw it by the front door. Another bonus of sticking close to home!

The last 3 miles were spent praying that my Garmin battery wouldn’t die. I guess that using the Run/Walk setting takes a MAJOR toll on the battery, because it had only been about 3 hours and was fully charged when I started. I have the 15 which is supposed to have an 8+ hour battery life. Luckily though, it did last. It died right after I finished and took a picture of it! Ha!

2015-05-09 12.49.06

I will definitely use the :30/:30 intervals from now on for long runs, and for the marathon itself. I had a great run, no pain, and only a little soreness later that night. I was able to run another 3 miles the next day (yesterday) feeling fresh!

The only thing I will do differently for my next long run is to use a timer (i.e., Gymboss) instead of setting the Garmin and Runmeter for intervals. Between the Garmin beeping every 30 seconds, and listening to the app (Runmeter) saying “Run” “Walk” every 30 seconds, this was the noisiest run ever! Lol! I found an app called “Seconds” that I played with yesterday and I think it will work. It just does a short beep every 30 seconds, and you can set it for however many times you want to use it.

Ok, enough rambling. Here’s how the last 2 weeks of training looked:

MT week 13 MT week 12

Ok, I think I’ve gone on long enough. How’s that for a comeback post?!


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