Sloppy Cuckoo Training – Week 6 Summary

I ran 41.25 miles last week! No wonder I’m exhausted ;)

RunSummary July 27 - Aug 2, 2015

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Speed-work (quarter-mile repeats) NB Zante
  • Wednesday: Easy run (4:1 jog/run intervals) Kinvara 5
  • Thursday: Hills (Level 3) Launch 2
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 22-mile LSR. I overheated and had to quit at 18.54 miles (:30/:30 intervals – Zante), but after a gallon of water, some food, and a shower I was able to finish up (4.01 miles – PF2) on the treadmill.
  • Sunday: Recovery run (:30/:30 intervals – super slow because of the heat) Ghost 6 for 1 mile, then Newton Distance IV for 7.56

Still working out shoe issues. It turns out the Zante are only going to work for (up to) half marathon distance. After that they started rubbing on the tops of 3 of my toes, but only on my left foot.

The Ghost 6 immediately (in less than 1 mile) caused their usual blister – I think they’re too wide and my foot slides around too much in them, even laced up tighter. Again though, only on my left foot.

*My left foot is smaller than my right, by almost a full size. Pretty sure that’s why most, if not all of my issues are only with the left foot. I buy my shoes to fit my right foot. This is also why I consistently end up back in the PF 2s – I have them in 2 different sizes, so they always fit both feet ;)  When (if) I find a new go-to shoe, I’ll do the same thing, but so far that hasn’t happened. Boo.

This morning’s weigh-in was 113.8. I cannot believe that I’m still losing weight during this round of training. Granted, it’s all beans, greens and grains (and I still track everything), but I’m talking single meals that are 800+ calories! I’m not complaining though!


15 thoughts on “Sloppy Cuckoo Training – Week 6 Summary

  1. Simple solution to having two different-sized feet: buy two pair of different-sized shoes, keep one each of the pair, then return the other and hope whoever buys that pair has different-sized feet the opposite of yours’. I’M A PROBLEM SOLVER!

  2. I was actually able to buy a pair of boots that was made up of two different sizes. I’m pretty sure that we need to make a law where shoes are sold as separates.

  3. You increased 12 miles in ONE week? I would definitely be injured. You’re a running beast!

    Yup, had a similar problem with NB fresh foam. And not even running as many miles. Hope you find your BFF shoes.

    When I was running 30 miles a week I was able to eat what I wanted & still lose weight. Sadly right now I’m struggling to run half that mileage. :(

    Hope your race starts earlier in the day so it will be cooler!

    • My increases go back and forth because every other week is cut-back mileage. If you look at the overall picture so far, the increases have been by about 5 miles every other week.
      This shoe situation is killing me (and my wallet)! I can wear pretty much any shoe I have for (up to) a half marathon, but after that is when I start having issues – usually around 16-18 miles. The only shoes I have right now that are even “in the running” are the Newton Distance IV and my old trusty PF 2s – but I don’t know how many more miles I can eek out of those poor things :(
      The race starts at 7:30am, and I’m hoping to be able to run until about 2 or 3, and the temps should be much better by the end of September. Let’s hope so anyways!!

      • Sometimes sept can still be really hot, but let’s hope that’s not the case. At lest it should be cooler when you start.

        I like my newtons but I doubt much can be comfy after a half.

        Since it’s technically an ultra, can you change shoes? Not sure it would help since your feet will swell, but maybe?

      • I -could- change shoes since it’s a repeat of a 6.55 mile loop. However, I’m leery of doing that because when I’ve tried it on longer runs (stopping at home after a certain point) it only made my feet hurt worse. The only exception was changing into the PF2. Oh, and in case you missed it on FB I just stopped at my LRS on my way home from the periodontist, and he found a pair of ORIGINAL PFs and had them set aside for me!!!!!! This went from the worst day ever to the best day ever! Lol!

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