Here We Go Again: Week One, Day One

Breakfast: 2 cups coffee w/Cafe Mocha Brunch: 2 cups coffee w/Cafe Mocha, Morning Star Farms Spicy Black Bean burger w/guacamole on a Thomas bagel thin Run: 3.75 miles in 40 minutes. "Set it and forget it" at 5.7mph Dinner: 1/2 cup Amy's Refried black beans mixed with 1/2 head of cauliflower w/Tahini Lime Sauce, and … Continue reading Here We Go Again: Week One, Day One

Marathon Training Begins (again)

I'm supposed to be running the Philadelphia marathon next weekend. Supposed to means I'm registered. I've been registered since the day registration opened because that was my goal for this year - to complete a full marathon. Training went really well up until 6 weeks ago. I barely made it through my 16 mile long … Continue reading Marathon Training Begins (again)