Happy New Year!

Last night I ran 8.6 miles as part of my Resolution Run and will get in the other 4.5 in about an hour – I registered for a (virtual) half marathon and already have the medal, so I have to finish earning it!  I wasn’t planning on splitting it between 2 runs, but my tummy decided otherwise.


Other than that I’m spending the day watching season 1 of Criminal Minds. I really have no resolutions for the year. I’m pretty happy with where I am :)

I have vegan chili cooking in the crock-pot, and already made a huge batch of salsa, so I’m good on lunches for the next several days. I also have all the ingredients to whip up another batch of the Tahini-Lime Quinoa Salad (I really LOVE that stuff!). And I have some pretzel crisps and hummus for snacks. There’s only a few cookies left in the house, which I’ll be taking with me to work tomorrow to get them out of here.  And although I’m up a few pounds, I am still within 5 pounds of my goal weight! So all is good here.

Until I come up with some new recipes, this blog will just be a food/running journal, with pictures of Lucy here and there, of course ;)


What are some of your goals/resolutions for the New Year?




5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I want to run 1,500 miles this year! I did nearly 1,250 in 2013 and got to push myself in the new year!!

    And excellent choice with Criminal Minds. Best show on television in my opinion :)

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