Day 10 #writeandrun31

Today has been pretty much a rest day. I spent the entire morning in bed catching up on my DVR'd shows from the week (Forever, SVU, Biggest Loser, Revenge). I finally got up around noon and took Lucy for a walk. When we got back, I had some leftover Pueblo Pie and watched a couple … Continue reading Day 10 #writeandrun31

Spicy BBQ Spinach Wrap

Today's recipe is inspired by Happy Herbivore. I've been bookmarking recipes to try out of her new "Light and Lean" cookbook, which I am just loving so far! Today I did my own variations of two of the recipes. The first one, Ginger Cabbage, I wasn't crazy about. The sauce was delicious, but I didn't … Continue reading Spicy BBQ Spinach Wrap