Sloppy Cuckoo Training (Weeks 7, 8, 9)

Ugh, I’m sorry. I seem to have fallen way behind again.

Here’s how training has been going:

Week 7 (cut-back week): August 3rd through 9th:

Week 7: August 3rd through 9th
Weeks 8 and 9 (Aug 10th through 23rd):

Weeks 8 and 9

The race has been postponed to 10/11/15 because the Pope will be in town during the weekend of the original race (9/27/15). This means I get an extra 2 weeks of training. This is how I adjusted my training schedule:

2015-08-24 12.40.12

Not a big adjustment by any means. I changed around some numbers and added an extra 20 mile run.

These next 3 longer runs (the 20+ milers) I’ll be focusing more on race day preparation – eating much earlier the night before, and then getting out the door for my long runs at waytooearly o’clock.

I’m still having shoe issues. The Newton Fates are the latest to have been eliminated from the long run pile; while the right shoe is darn near perfect, my left foot swims. Any downhill movement at all causes the left foot to “slam” into the front of the shoe and causes some major discomfort/pain to the tip of my 2nd (longest) toe.

I’ve still got three 20+ milers left before race day, so I’m remaining optimistic about the shoe situation. Next up will be the New Balance Vazee Pace, followed by (if necessary) the Brooks Launch 2. From what I remember about the Launch they worked great during the long run – it was afterwards that my feet hurt. I just wish they didn’t feel so heavy.  If neither of those work out I’ll have to order a smaller size Newton (either Fate or Distance) to fit my left foot. And of course if all else fails, there’s my over-used, 700+ mileage, trusty old PureFlow 2s ;)

22 thoughts on “Sloppy Cuckoo Training (Weeks 7, 8, 9)

  1. Solid plan. I do hope one of the shoes works for you. If not, I hope you can get another pair of fate’s cheap. Maybe eBay?

  2. Man, wish I had a solid plan like that. My planning has been lately…”what am I doing today?”…coupled with…”it’s the weekend, really need to run longer today.” (but this weekend, didn’t work out, too many forest fires = migraine from smoke). I have the 25k mountain run coming up so I need to get it together! I’ve got to go do some hills.

    I’m in Oregon but stream cable tv off the Internet and for some reason I have the channel where the Pope is coming to town, so maybe I’m always watching your local news. Haha.

    • I think the pope is traveling around all over the place ;) When is your race? I can help you out with a training plan if you want! And yeah, the smoke from the fires would definitely trigger my migraines too :(

  3. Race is in mid October, and will be my longest run to date and definitely the hardest of the year with an elevation gain of over 5,000 ft. Would love to cheat sheet off your training plan or pick your brain sometime. Trying to get the kids back into school / jobs / etc. etc. so I can get back into a routine again. Hopefully I can get a gym membership so I can cross train a couple of days a week also. Two weeks after the October run is a half marathon (but at sea level an on my training course, so should be easier). 2016 – Marathon territory, but I have to pay my dues and do some shorter distances first! :D

    • Hmm. Not sure how to help with that elevation gain – yowza!! For training plans I usually use a hybrid of No Meat Athlete and Hal Higdon’s intermediate plans, but I add extra mileage on the weekends. Let me know how I can help!

  4. Hope you figure out your shoe issue soon. Have you ever tried Pearl Izumis? Their E-motion series is my goto shoe now. Snug, comfortable fit at the ankle, plenaty of toe box room. I’ve run over 20 mile trail runs in their E-M N2 Trail (Good for road or trail).

    Keep up the training. You’re doing great!

  5. So we’ll be racing the same weekend now. :)

    I love the newtons, but I guess my feet are more standard. I know that toe pain — I hate that & I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like after double the distance (plus!).

    • – it’s awesome! The only problem is if you’ve forgotten to add/import any of your runs before they send you the weekly email, there’s no way to update the summary. At least, not that I’ve found.

  6. You know, I was thinking about you yesterday. Active Gearup had ON Cloudrunners on sale (I couldn’t remember if you’d tried them). I was sorely tempted but realized I really don’t need any more shoes right now.

    However, walking the dogs I realized I’d read somewhere that ballet dancers use sheep’s wool to cushion their toe shoes, which obviously would be out for you, but I wonder if there’s a vegan alternative?

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