Week 5 Sloppy Cuckoo Training

After reviewing the last few weeks of training, I’m thinking that I need to make one of my weekday runs a bit longer, or do 2 runs per day once or twice per week. Especially on cut-back weeks. Most of the ultra plans that I’ve looked at have weekly mileage between 35 – 45 miles and I’ve been averaging 25 – 35. So I’ll be tweaking my training plan over the next few days…

Here’s how last week went:

Week of July 20 - 26, 2015
Week of July 20 – 26, 2015
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Speed intervals (2:1 x 10)
  • Wednesday: Easy run
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Level 3 Hills
  • Saturday: Long Slow Run (cut back week)
  • Sunday: Recovery Run (turned into LSR part 2)

I think Wednesday will be the day to do a longer (or double) run, and then maybe get rid of one of my rest days (most likely Monday). Doing those 2 things would get me an additional 6 – 10 miles per week, and then I’d be good.


In shoe news, the New Balance Zante have moved up to the number 1 slot in my rotation list. I don’t know why I pass(ed) them over so frequently – they are comfy, lightweight, and have enough forefoot cushion to go longer distances. Granted, I haven’t worn them for more than 10 miles at once, so we’ll see how they do on my 22-miler next Saturday.

2015-07-25 13.24.12
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14 thoughts on “Week 5 Sloppy Cuckoo Training

  1. Fingers crossed those are the shoes for you!!! I tried them out on Saturday but didn’t like them. That leaves more pairs of them for you ;-)

  2. I can’t remember what the fresh foam morphed into. I have one pair, which I like, but for me only for shorter runs – I did a longer run in them once & my toes were killing me.

    Good luck getting those extra miles in!

    • Yes, if calibrated they are more accurate than the treadmill (because treadmills are often not calibrated themselves after time). The best way to calibrate is to use the footpod during outside runs and it will be able to detect your pace, cadence, stride, etc… I also think there’s an option for calibration in the watch settings itself, but I haven’t used that since the 210.

      • Thank you so much Laura. I always wondered if it was worth the extra dollar to get one. I don’t use dreadmills much but may start doing so as I do public fundraisers. It’s on my big running needs list ;)

      • You’re welcome :) I fundraise also (Humane League, Farm Sanctuary, etc…) – it feels good to contribute to animal welfare in any way I can. But if you don’t really use the treadmill much I wouldn’t bother with it. I do most (if not all) of my weekday runs on the treadmill, so it’s easier with the footpod than having to input all the details later…

        And hey, thanks for the follow!!

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