Week 4 Ultra Training

Here’s how last week’s training went:

Run Summary 7-13 to 7-19-15

  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: Speed Intervals – 1:2 x 10
  • Wednesday: Easy
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: Hills!
  • Saturday: 18-mile Long Run
  • Sunday: 10k Recovery Run at Race pace

I wore the new Newton Distance IV for my long run and they felt pretty good. I noticed that I’m still grabbing for my PureFlow 2s as a first choice though.  They can’t possibly have much life left – at last check they had almost 500 miles!  Oh, what to do, what to do…


9 thoughts on “Week 4 Ultra Training

  1. Great week!! No, those shoes really can’t have too much life left. Sadly, you are going to need to choose a new favorite.

      1. I bought a pair of Altras (Intuition 1.5) on a whim (big shocker right?!) and hated them. I felt like I had clown shoes on. And the last time I was at my LRS I tried on a pair of Hoka Cliftons. I didn’t like them at all, thought I didn’t hate them as much as the Altras. If you do try the Hokas definitely size down – my normal size was HUGE in them.

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