Long Run Sunday


I had a really good run today, and I could have kept going but Lucy started beating on the (treadmill room) door at about 80 minutes. I started my cool-down and finished at 90 minutes and 8.3 miles. After I finished up I threw on a tutu and took a few shots trying to find an angle where you couldn’t see my tummy flab, Lol! Here’s what I ended up with:



Hopefully I’ll get to start running outside again one day soon. Today though, it’s thundering and pouring rain. And to be honest, I like my treadmill. I can always wear shorts and a sports bra, and not have to worry about anyone seeing me ;)

I mentioned yesterday that I’m up a few pounds. I promised myself I’d never go over 119 again, but this morning the scale showed 122.8. It’s definitely time to get back on track! As a result, I will post more often to keep myself on track.

Mission: 116 pounds within the next 30 days. Let’s do this!

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