I Ran 24 Miles Today!

I had 15 miles on the schedule for today, but the weather was fantastic (70F, cloudy and light rain) and I didn’t have any tummy issues, so… I ran my longest run ever (so far) – 24 miles!

2015-06-27 14.05.19

I woke up about 8:30am which, by the way, is WAY too early for a Saturday morning ;) I had a cup of coffee and a vitamin, put on my running outfit, and then I took Lucy for a quick 1-mile walk around the neighborhood. Came back home, took a Gu (Espresso Love), and headed right back out for my long run. I opted for :40/:30 intervals today which worked out great. I usually go out too fast and burn out too early. Not today! I stayed between 11:30 and 12:00 minute miles the entire time, and never got fatigued.

2015-06-27 12.56.32-2
Still smiling at mile 19!

After 1 loop (1 mile) around my subdivision I had to stop back at home to change bras. I took a sip of water and went right back out. And I even ventured out of the subdivision this time (a rarity for me because of my stomach issues). I had to make another stop at home (around 10 miles) to change shirts, and I probably should have changed either my shoes or socks at this point because my right foot was a little sore. I didn’t realize it was THIS bad (keep scrolling if you don’t want to see this nasty blood blister). What’s weird though is my left foot looks fine. Maybe it’s the way my right foot pronates/supinates?






2015-06-27 14.22.01
Ewwwwww! I know!

Anyways, at 15 miles I came across these really pretty orange flowers and had to take a pic.

2015-06-27 12.05.23
Stop and smell the flowers :)

I actually took quite a few pictures today, which is something I really need to do more often. It’s nice to have photo memories of my long runs!

2015-06-27 10.12.24

2015-06-27 12.50.11
Oh, hi! I think he startled me as much as I did him!

2015-06-27 12.19.35

I have to tell you – I’ve really enjoyed my long runs so much more since I decided to slow down and use short run/walk intervals. Give them a try sometime!

Have a great weekend!!

18 thoughts on “I Ran 24 Miles Today!

  1. Congrats – personal distance best is a great feeling! And outrunning your schedule by so much is pretty darn impressive.

  2. Yay for 24 miles! Boo for nasty blister! Maybe that foot is slightly narrower and rubs more? Next time you might want to put a band aid on that spot for extra protection.

    • Thanks! And yep, I’m definitely gonna pick up a pack of those blister pads. I do have some of that other stuff you recommended (when I had problems with the FastWitch’s) if I can just find where I put it ;)

  3. That foot looks so sore! I hope it heals up quickly! Nice job on the run. You’ll ace your 50k!

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  4. Yucky blister! I was going to do 4/1s today but the lady who does them wasn’t there. Next week is my race . . . maybe the week after that.

    Really glad you found something that works for you!

    I just can’t imagine having 15 on my schedule & going for 24! Or having 15 on my schedule, for that fact . . .

  5. Great day for you and a great post. I love the flower pictures too. I left running behind in my childhood so I’m kind of in awe of people like you who can do this. :)

      • I’m practically perfect, as Mary Poppins says, except for my poor old eyes. Learning to live with it and that’s the best I can do. I try to limit my computer time because it makes everything worse. I’m still doing well on maintaining my weight and exercising. I’m also enjoying going to Silver Sneakers classes and yoga classes. Life is good. :)

  6. Congrats! That’s so awesome! You aren’t going to have any problems running 50k! It really makes a difference when you have nice weather, doesn’t it? I ran 5 miles yesterday morning and it felt good the entire run and I had a nice pace, but the temperature outside was perfect and it was such a beautiful morning. Love those kind of runs! Hopefully you have that type of weather for your ultramarathon!

    Have you tried mole skin? I used it for my blisters last year and it works great!

    • Thank you, my friend! Mole skin is what I was trying to remember yesterday! I bought some last year, but I can’t find where I put it! Lol! This morning I put a band-aid on it, and I put on a pair of really narrow shoes and it didn’t bother me at all, so I’m going to do my recovery run today in them (PureConnect 2). I’ll let you know how it goes :)

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