Time to Get Back on Track

Whenever my weight creeps up over 119 I start to freak out. That time has come and so I need to re-focus and start tracking again. Thanks to my friend Michele I decided to start mid-way through yesterday instead of waiting until this morning. As you can see by my food log from yesterday, it could have been much worse!

food 10-29-14

Instead, I sucked it up and logged my poor choices, and then moved on with my normal, healthy food. As a result, I was down .2 this morning instead of up another pound or two. That being said, my .2 loss brings me to 121.2 which is 5 pounds up from my happy weight of 116. I know that in order to lose/maintain I HAVE to track. Especially with the holidays coming up!

I did make it to the gym at lunch, and although I felt too sluggish/blah to run, I did a 42 minute brisk walk which equaled 2.8 miles. Add to that the 1.5 miles w/Lucy and I was able to meet my mileage and step count goals for the day.

I am still going strong with my redo of C25k, and today will be W3D2. I’ll be back to post an update of that, along with today’s food log, a little bit later.

Gotta Run!

4 thoughts on “Time to Get Back on Track

  1. I know how you feel. I can’t really say that I’ve been off-track exactly, but I’ve definitely let work and stress get the better of me, and I’ve made poor eating decisions more often. I really, really miss the discipline of training and I miss my long runs, but now that winter is approaching, I can’t stand the thought of running on a treadmill for more than one Blacklist episode! Ugh. I’ll work it out, though. Usually around the holidays is when I start kicking it in high gear because I don’t want to gain the notorious holiday pounds.

    • When my TOM comes I can’t stay away from the chocolate :( This whole last week I’ve just been ravenous, ugh. I stayed on track today, and even got rid of the last of that creamer (it has dairy in it) so tomorrow should be much better. I haven’t had any problems keeping up with my training- it’s been fun redoing c25k :) And I love the treadmill, so no issues there, Lol!

  2. HI, Laura! Confession time: I did ok til last night when I poured some wine, ate some popcorn..and had a little pity party mini-binge. *blush*

    My plan is to enjoy Halloween (in moderation) and start fresh tomorrow, Nov 1. I posted at my old blog, you know where it is. ;)

    Thanks for the motivation and inspiration! <3

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