C25k (redo): Week 1 Complete

So after my half marathon last Sunday I decided I was going to revisit the Couch to 5k program to work on speeding up a little bit. I think week 1 was a success!

  • W1D1: 3 miles in 32:08
  • W1D2: 3.13 miles in 32:32
  • W1D3: 3.28 miles in 33:02

The first time I did C25k (granted I was a BRAND new runner) I don’t think I made it past 2 miles until about the 4th week! This is giving me the boost I think I needed, and I’m feeling pretty dog-gone great right now! I’m still planning on doing a longish run on Sundays to keep my mileage/endurance up, so now I’m wondering if I should just straight run, or make it like a W1D4 and go for an hour (or more) continuing the week’s intervals? Hmm… Stay tuned :)



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