Week One, Day Five

Did much better with my food choices today, although I could have chosen a healthier dinner. And I have decided to completely eliminate dairy from my diet again. I have 3 things left in the house that have dairy (Amy’s Mexican Casserole) and as soon as they’re gone, I’m done.

  • Breakfast: Cream of Wheat with Maple and Brown Sugar. 2 cups coffee with Cafe Mocha
  • Lunch: Thai-style Cabbage & Noodles (I’ll post my Thai sauce recipe soon – it’s Yummy!)
  • Dinner: General Tso Tofu with vegetable fried rice. 2 cups coffee with Cafe Mocha

Workout: 3 miles plus strides (5 – 6.5mph) = 4.05 miles in 42 minutes. I did the strides wrong, but still had a good run :)



Gotta Run!


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