June Summary

I ran 100.49 miles in June (that makes 7 months in a row with over 100 miles ran!) – long runs were 10.3 miles, 13.2 miles, and 24.05 miles.


My starting weight for June was 117.6 and ending weight 116.0 (highest weight was 118.2 and lowest was 115.2). Staying consistent!

I tracked my food EVERY day, and also accomplished my mini goal of drinking less coffee and more water. Trust me, -ANY- water is a huge accomplishment for me!

For July my goals remain the same: consistent food tracking, 100+ miles, weight maintenance, more water.

So how about you? How did you do in June? What are your goals for July?

3 thoughts on “June Summary

  1. I need to work on July goals. I did well on my June goals, except the weight thing. Still maintaining, but I’d really like to lose & obviously my actions are not actually supporting it.

    Kind of hard to believe that last summer I was running around 100 miles a month too.

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