Sloppy Cuckoo Training Begins

I’m officially registered for the Sloppy Cuckoo 12-hour Challenge!

Sloppy Cuckoo

First off, I’m NOT planning on running for 12 hours straight! My goals are two-fold: 1) to (finally) become a marathoner, and 2) complete one extra loop (which would equal 50k) to become an ultra runner!

I’ve spent the past few days putting together a training plan where I wouldn’t be starting over from scratch. Especially since I just did a 23 mile run a few weeks ago. I came up with something similar to my last training plan (since it really worked well!), except this time I’m only designating a certain amount of mileage on the long run day. Here, have a look:

2015-06-23 17.02.59

I used to do my long runs on Sundays, but with the higher mileage it’s been working out better running on Saturday. Then I can mostly rest on Sundays, other than a short recovery run.

I’m going to continue using run/walk intervals for the long runs because they’ve really been beneficial as far as recovery goes. The intervals also make the really long runs less daunting ;)  For the shorter weekly runs, I either just run or do jog/run intervals.

I’ll be back in the next day or 2 to go over nutrition goals, gear/gadgets, etc…

Stay tuned :)

14 thoughts on “Sloppy Cuckoo Training Begins

  1. You know, I’ve been thinking about doing something epic on my 50th birthday next year. 50 miles seemed too much of a stretch for me, but 50k is definitely something I can do! Wow, then we can both say we’re ultramarathoners! Cool beans!!

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