Week Two, Day Two


  • Breakfast: 2 cups coffee with Cafe Mocha
  • Brunch: Black bean burger with guacamole on a bagel thin. 2 cups coffee with Cafe Mocha
  • Snack: 6 Oreos
  • Dinner: Amy’s Mexican Casserole with salsa and guacamole

Workout: Today should have been cross-training but I’m still having some GI issues, so I just walked instead. I did the Level 5 Hills workout on the treadmill at 4mph. Totals: 2.66 miles in 40 minutes. 180 calories burned.

I didn’t go grocery shopping yet, but I did at least stop and pick up some fresh salsa. And I’m out of Oreos and those Amy entrees now, so my food choices should start looking a little better ;)



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