Last Week’s Training and (more) New Shoes

Happy Tuesday! Here’s how last week finished out:

July 6 - 12, 2015
July 6 – 12, 2015

I failed on my 18-miler Saturday. I procrastinated too long and didn’t get out the door until after 10am. It was already 90 degrees! I made it about 5 miles before my head started pounding and my stomach began cramping up (and not my usual tummy issues), so I figured it best if I head back home. Then, instead of finishing up on the treadmill, I opted for some retail therapy at Road Runner Sports ;)

They didn’t have 2 of the shoes I wanted to try on (PureConnect and PureGrit), but they did have the PureFlow 4 which I’m happy to report are WAY better than the 3s and about as close to the 2s as I’ll probably ever get! However, I didn’t get them (yet). This will probably sound stupid but I didn’t care for the color choice they had there! And actually, after checking online I don’t really care for ANY of the color choices :(

After trying on about 5 or 6 different shoes, this is what I had it narrowed down to:

Newton Distance IV and Brooks PureFlow 4
Newton Distance IV and Brooks PureFlow 4

I sigh every time I look at those PF 4s! If only they were black, instead of blue…

And so I ended up with another pair of Newtons instead. Those are the Distance IV and they are really light and comfortable. And bright yellow!! Yay!

I didn’t end up buying them from the store though. They had a problem with my VIP status and while the manager was on the phone with headquarters I looked up the shoes on Running Warehouse. They were over $30 cheaper! So what could have been close to $200 (I also had some socks picked out) only cost me $130. That means I still have a little extra money, and Hmmm, tomorrow is Prime Day on Amazon. I wonder if those PF 4s will be on any kind of special? ;)


12 thoughts on “Last Week’s Training and (more) New Shoes

  1. The first generation of Brooks Pure Connect were like — pure foot bliss — AMAZING shoes! I loved them so much that they pretty much fell off my feet eventually from over wear. Then I happened upon a used pair and I wore them completely out too. So finally I ordered the latest generation of Pure Connect from Amazon. :( **super sad face** They hurt my feet so bad that after the first mile I had an injury and limped for days. I also had Pure Flow & Pure Cadence – but the old models – pretty mediocre. This weekend picked up Brooks Adrenaline which is the bulkiest shoe I’ve run in. I’m going to try them out this morning :D

    Sorry to hear about Saturday! Whew – 90 degrees would kill me. It never gets that hot in Oregon. –Cheers – FB Stalker Paula

    • Oh no! Don’t you hate when the “upgrades” completely suck?! I have the 2nd generation of PureConnect and I like them but they are SO narrow! The PureFlow 2 is the pure foot bliss shoe for me. The 4s felt pretty similar in the store, but the true test will be after a run in them. Of course, I still have to buy them first LOL!

  2. I don’t blame you for cutting your run short. Yay for new shoes!! Fingers crossed Amazon has a deal on the PF4’s. I thought you might like them, since I don’t.

    • Really you don’t like the 4s? I was so happy they didn’t have that same issue as I had with the 3s (left pinky toe). I’d send you my 3s but I know your feet are much smaller than mine. They are 7.5

      • No, the 4s didn’t feel right at all. In retrospect, I think the 3s have too much arch support for me. When I looked at the bottom of the pair that I trained for and ran the Zion HM in, I noticed that I had absolutely no wear at the big toe….like I never pushed off there….only from the outer toes.

      • Hoka Clifton, Saucony Ride 7, Saucony Triumph ISO and every once in a while, Saucony Kinvara 4. The Sauconys definitely have a lower arch.

      • I couldn’t run in the Kinvara 4s (they made my right foot go numb) but I do like the 5s. And you’re right – definitely a lower arch. That’s why I don’t wear them for really long runs.

  3. I got the Newton Aha & so far it’s total love. I also tried on the Gravity & I’m still thinking of looking online for that too. I’m hoping Prime day tomorrow is actually worthwhile & not just hype!

  4. I have to laugh about the color choice issue. I’ve passed on some great shoes because of lousy colors too. I wonder if fabric paint would work? You could try it on some of your old sort out shoes!

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